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More DoJ employees infected with COVID-19

Alvin Murcia



Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Wednesday announced that as the agency ramps up its coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing, more employees were found to be infected with the deadly respiratory disease.

In a statement, Guevarra revealed that the rapid antibody test yielded 16 positive results out of the 175 employees tested on Wednesday, while 43 out of 273 employees who underwent rapid testing for COVID-19 on Tuesday came out positive.

The Justice secretary noted that while work continues at the DoJ, those who were found positive of the disease were advised to undergo confirmatory swab test and stop reporting for work pending release of their results.

Earlier, Guevarra said that he is contemplating to suspend work at the agency due to the high number of positive results from the rapid antibody test.

“No, we did not suspend work at DoJ as in shutting down the department. Many employees will have themselves tested, and we just told them to work from home if they have already been tested or if they have no need to be physically present, at no time was work at the DoJ ever discontinued,” said Guevarra.

The DoJ also chief noted that the employees were subjected to different rapid antibody tests and stressed that the agency is conducting a series of random rapid antibody test for coronavirus on its employees as part of its measures to curb the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Tests are still ongoing. I have instructed all those who have tested positive to stop reporting for work and undergo swab tests immediately. The rest may work from home. The premises will be disinfected again,” Guevarra said.