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Tributes to Dad

Honey Jarque-Loop



Most of us have someone in our lives — someone special and dear, someone cherished and treasured, someone that we care and love even before childhood — above everyone else.

He inspires us to dream and dream big. He mentors us through exemplary examples and admirable acts worth emulating. He guides us in the all-essential pursuit of happiness.

The person bigger than life itself is Dad — Pappy, Papa, our father.

In a deserving tribute to their unrivaled spirit to celebrate Father’s Day, friends shared with great fondness the most appreciated value exemplified by their Dad’s actions, adhered to in a way of life that lives today in the hearts of their children.

Dr. Ingrid Sala Santamaria, Acclaimed International Pianist

Ingrid Sala Santamaria

As a young child and adolescent, I was always impressed by my father’s amazing kindness in thought, word and deed. He was never judgmental, never raised his voice, always had a paternal smile.  As a civic leader, university professor as well as a businessman, he was indeed a father figure not only in his office and in our home, but literally in all settings where he touched people’s lives.  I am grateful to have experienced my father “Badong’s” kindness and values first-hand, and I continue to try to emulate these to this day.

Michael Lhuillier

One important value that my father has instilled in me and that I practice on a daily basis is humility. It allows me to communicate, interact and associate with people from all walks of society. I am thankful for having received this lesson early on, as it helps me in my everyday life.  As a father of three young men myself, I too have instilled this value to them.

Betty Veloso

There is more than one important value my dad has instilled in me —- vision, compassion and respect.

Through his medical training and parent’s support, together with a respectable group of doctors, he was able to fulfill his vision of providing a facility with state of the art machines needed in diagnosing and treating the ill. His compassion in helping the poor was evident when he was constantly approached by the less fortunate who didn’t have enough to pay their bills. They were given free blood transfusion and enrolled in charity programs. He respected you no matter what your status was.

He regularly met with the board of directors and doctors and respected their thoughts and ideas and kept his word on what they agreed on. One very notable trait was his punctuality. He never wanted anyone to wait, be it a board meeting, consultation with employees or a presentation by product representatives.

Having built a school of Nursing and College of Medicine, his compassion didn’t go unnoticed. Students would come to him for promissory notes as their tuition fees couldn’t be settled on time for different reasons.

The larger sense of vision is not something that you own or comes from you, it comes through you and inspires you and others. My dad lived a simple life and that’s what is admirable from someone who was successful and could have lived a lavish lifestyle which he chose not to. Now that he is gone, I live through his vision, compassion and respect by continuing his legacy in both the school and hospital.

The late Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal Jr. , President and Chairman of Cebu Doctors University Hospital, with daughter Betty Veloso, ,VP for Finance of Cebu Doctors University and Comptroller of Cebu Doctors University Hospital

Tristan Aboitiz

My dad instilled in me the values of accountability or responsibility. He used what he called «the Bugsay Principle» as a way of illustrating these values when he would speak to team members at work, or at other public gatherings.

The Bugsay Principle basically says that everyone on this planet has been given a “bugsay” or paddle which they can use to chart their own path. The key here is whether or not you choose to pick your paddle up and use it, or you do not. Choosing to pick up your paddle, and steering your boat gives you the ability to plot your own course and achieve what you set out to do. You take responsibility for your future, and are accountable for what comes next.

Candice Gotianuy

My father teaches by example. He’s taught me the value of respecting people regardless of their position in life. It’s become an integral part of who I am. But what I’m most grateful for is his upbeat perspective on life. During this COVID crisis and uncertainty, he always sees the good. A kind act, a business opportunity, a choice to adapt to something better. To him, life is a game. You win, you lose but you always keep playing the game.

Augusto Go, president of the University of Cebu and chairman of UC Medical Center with daughter Candice Gotianuy, Chancellor of UC and President of UC Med PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF HONEY JARQUE-LOOP

Mariano Perdices

From watching my dad every day, I have learned the virtue of magnanimity. Commonly known as generosity, it is how we can restore the society in an economic way that involves compassion. This can inspire many people like myself to take part in sharing their blessings to the people who are less fortunate.

My dad has shown me this virtue in many ways. He not only inspires me, but also the people around him. He is full of understanding and is courteous to his family and everyone he meets.

Mariano Perdices, student, with dad Anton Perdices, COO of Aboitiz Distribution Utilities

Franco Soberano

Values. Empathy. A close second would be his sense of humor. My dad is a man of the people. Growing up, I was always amazed at how much he enjoyed being in the company of his family, friends and colleagues. As I got older his desire to extend friendship or support to individuals he met became more evident. Daddy Joe sincerely wants people to do well and be there to help them succeed.

Just like dad, I am service-oriented and have been involved in several civic-and community initiatives. In our company, we practice and promote this empathy and it is encapsulated in our vision of becoming the most customer focused and community centered real estate company in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Joe Soberano, Chairman and CEO of Cebu Landmasters, Inc. with son Franco, Exec. VP and COO of Cebu Landmasters Inc.