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Trainee accuses cop of ‘rape, induced abortion’

Analyn said the officer forced her to drink abortifacient medicines.

Paula Antolin



A female criminology student has filed criminal and administrative complaints against an officer of the Manila Police District (MPD) for alleged violation of the Anti-Rape Act of 1997 and for “induced abortion.”

In her judicial affidavit filed on 1 June 2020 at the Manila Prosecutor’s Office, the 22-year-old complainant accused P/Capt. Heherson Zambale of raping her on 7 March and then forcing her to undergo abortion procedures exactly two months later on 7 May.

Interviewed by the Daily Tribune, “Analyn” (not her real name) narrated that Zambale, as the chief of the Barbosa PCP of the MPD Sta. Cruz police station, used the trust he had as her on-the-job training  officer to get her drunk and to consummate the alleged rape.

She said that while she was initially willing to accept her “painful and shameful experience,” she decided to file the complaints when, instead of getting help from the officer when she got pregnant, he allegedly forced her to miscarry.

The complainant said she wanted badly to keep the baby, whom she was willing to raise on her own as a second child.

Analyn said the officer forced her to drink abortifacient medicines and when those failed to end the pregnancy, he purportedly used her bleeding as a pretext to bring her to a “doctor,” who turned out to be an abortionist in Sampaloc. The police officer was accompanied by a woman in forcing her to the abortionist, she said.

Analyn included the woman in her complaint before prosecutors.

The Daily Tribune tried to reach Capt. Zambale to get his side, going to his original posting at the Barbosa police community precinct and also at the MPD United Nations headquarters and the Special Weapons and Tactics unit. His fellow policemen said he was transferred when a complaint was filed against him at the MPD Women’s and Children Protection Desk (WCPD).

Policemen at the SWAT office said they have rarely seen the respondent officer since his transfer.

At least one MPD policeman interviewed, who requested anonymity, said talks of sexual harassment incidents involving “even higher officials” targeting new police recruits, abound in the department.

Analyn said she first filed an administrative complaint against Zambale despite the fear she has for her life because she doesn’t want other criminology trainees to suffer the same fate.

“I kept (the rape) to myself for long. I wanted to die with what happened. With my bleeding, I decided I’d come out so something good may come out of this,” Analyn told the Daily Tribune in Filipino.

The affidavit Analyn submitted to prosecutors was sworn to by her before an MPD investigating officer.

With Pat C. Santos

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