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Fresh and healthy food in your freezer



Classic Cheesecake Topped with Fresh Strawberries. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CHEFWIX CATERING SERVICES

There was a time when frozen, cooked meals were only available in major supermarkets and were predictable and boring. Pinoys hardly bothered with them because we naturally gravitated towards cooking and almost always prepared our own meals at home. If we craved for something gourmet, we simply visited our favorite restaurants. Problem solved!

But with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and the ensuing enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) that stretched from two weeks to more than two months (transitioning to the more relaxed general community quarantine just this week), staying home all the time and preparing the family’s every meal, day in and day out, have become quite a challenge. Having frozen food in the freezer that only needs to be heated up for lunch or dinner should be a great stress reliever.

Answering this lockdown need, fastfood restaurants made their famous menu items available in frozen form. Strict ECQ restrictions have shut restaurants down for an indefinite period anyway (except for pick-up and delivery), so they thought they might as well offer their marinated chicken, burger patties, fries and hotdogs in frozen form for everyone to enjoy at home. And they thought well. They were — and still are — a hit!

Now comes frozen meals and family trays that we can order straight from the commissary — prepared fresh and frozen for convenience or hot off the pan and ready for consumption — from Chefwix Catering Services. A well-known catering services company, Chefwix has been in the business for more than 10 years now. At the helm is chef Winston Jerome Luna, who makes no compromise on the quality of food that his company produces.

Chef Luna offers three categories, two of which — Family Tray and Meeting Food — he has been doing all these years for weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and family gatherings. The Frozen Line was born during the lockdown.

“I feel that the time calls for it. I have personally experienced the lockdown, and I can say that after eating home-cooked meals everyday, people need to have a breather from cooking. It helps when they have quality and healthy food that they can just get from their freezer and the whole family can enjoy it,” says Luna.

Hickory Smoked Pork Belly

Chefwix delivers for a minimal delivery fee, based on client time and day requirement. For the Frozen Line, they have partnered with local couriers for fast and efficient food transport. While delivery is limited to Metro Manila at the moment, soon it will include South Tagaytay and the Nuvali area in Cavite and, hopefully, expand delivery services further.

To order, simply call 7-3694461, 0922-8485808, 0999-8834378; send a message to their Facebook or Instagram account (@chefwix); or email [email protected] at least three days prior to delivery date. Payment shall be made through BDO (Banco de Oro) and BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands), with a delivery schedule of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

More than just the convenience of food delivery, Chefwix offers various beef, chicken, pork, seafood, pasta and dessert choices to cater to everyone’s cravings and food whims. The menu changes from time to time to offer clients something new and exciting all the time.

Isidra’s Heritage Meatloaf ‘Budin’ and Chefwix

“As a chef, it is my commitment to serve delicious food on the table. We have been successful in serving gourmet food because we source — and even plant our own — ingredients to use in our dishes so they will be delicious and healthy. Since we cater to people with different dietary requirements, we make sure we balance the nutrients that go into each dish. We offer a lot of greens, including salad that we have perfected for 10 years and these come with our very own dressings. We also have Vegetarian and Vegan selections, which our restaurant, 8tables, delivers. With each dish we serve, we hope we are able to give joy and love to the person or family partaking of it,” says Luna, who is now making a strong effort to help the local catering industry bounce back now that Metro Manila has shifted to the more relaxed GCQ.

He adds: “Our company is giving free consultation on the new normal and trends in the catering industry to help our fellow caterers bounce back. We have also launched our campaign, “Buy and Support Local,” to influence our followers to support local businesses. In our community, we have set up urban gardens and are encouraging everyone to be self-sufficient by growing his own veggies. We have distributed seeds to help people who want to start planting in their homes get started.”