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Timeless wedding gowns by Ramon Valera

Joy Melrose Cordova



“Cada traje es una obra maestra,” or “Every gown is a masterpiece,” is a statement attributed to Ramon Valera, the Philippine National Artist for Fashion Design.

That he considered every work of his as a masterpiece affirmed his self-identity as an artist. His wedding gowns epitomized his distinct creativity born of natural talent that manifested in his keen sense of beauty and proportion, and his daring and courage to create, invent and renovate to suit what he believed were the requirements of  his clients, along with the occasions on which the outfits were to be worn.

Valera’s wedding gowns were worn by society and “It” girls of various eras, among them industrialist’s daughter Chito Madrigal, top fashion model Cherry Pie Villonco, heiress Marilou Prieto, future stock exchange czarina Trina Yujuico, future powerful politician Baby Jimenez and future First Lady Imelda Romualdez.

June being the traditional month to marry, we are featuring some wedding gowns designed and made by Ramon Valera. The selection proves that a Valera wedding gown could be timeless, worn by a first-generation woman and renovated for her daughter and eventually, her granddaughter, or it could be novel and advanced, evocative of what is yet to come.

Ramon Valera at work.