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De Lima de mali

Suggestions, suspicions, assumptions and possibilities are not facts.



As expected, Leila de Lima is again on the wrong side of right.

There are specific cottage industries seriously taking a beating in the time of physical distancing — those that involve close and personal contact of less than two meters.
Before the lockdowns, two that required even closer skin-on-skin contact are now suffering.

One is prostitution. The other is utilitarian sexual depravity — the same recklessly indulged in by a once Cabinet appointee of the previous administration.

Adultery to the misfortune of adulterers and adulteresses has become inconvenient and untenable. Practiced on the sly before, it’s nearly impossible now. Especially for those rotting in detention.

Its practitioners are virtually incarcerated, whether by law or by COVID-19’s lockdowns. Thus, confined and unable to practice their disgusting home-wrecking, they’ve become irrelevant despite their uncontrollable carnal itch.

It must be maddening to be irrelevant and detained. Worse for adulterers. Denied the affections of the most ordinary kind, separated from the love of a family and lovers, the detained, depraved and delusional must be itching for attention.

Imagine how the other sexual deviants must feel as they might have to share a cell with someone once upon a time groomed for some of the highest domineering positions atop ordinary men.

Long erased from the public discourse, lusting for attention, De Lima, who had admitted to illicitly having extramarital relations with her driver, a married man, and who she so handsomely provided for had made the news last week.

Not only were her unsubstantiated allegations inapropos but when discerned against the unpleasant reality we all face today, given that she’s advocated lying before in contempt of Congress, her timing amid the COVID-19 pandemic reeks of political demolition.

Unsubstantiated attacks on the government at this time are as inappropriate as the practice of adultery where families lovingly huddle and embrace together in the protective comfort of one another inside their homes. There, home-wreckers are as unwelcome as COVID-19.

Her uncontrollable itch for attention when everyone else is preoccupied with matters of life and death must be so nagging that she’s again risked her ever diminishing reputation by failing to do her homework. That’s understandable. The yellow opposition does not let evidence get in the way of their accusations.

While incarcerated as she disputes accusations of trafficking in illegal narcotics by using the penal system which she had then controlled, De Lima ventured to comment on a matter she knew nothing of.

It was in reaction to operations by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group on illegal gambling operations in both Parañaque and Pampanga. Rather than congratulate the police she spun what little she knew as ordnance against the President.

In a handwritten three-page dispatch on official Senate stationary, De Lima wrote, “How many of these underground hospitals and pharmacies catering only to Chinese nationals — possibly for COVID-infected POGO workers as was the case in Parañaque — are operating right under government’s very nose? What these illegal hospitals obviously aim is to circumvent detection of what now is a clear indication of COVID-19 infection among POGO workers, and to hide the truth from the public so that Duterte, who allowed the reopening of POGO, and under this cover-up, would be shielded from public outrage.”

Speculating, De Lima assumes these are underground and illegal hospitals and pharmacies solely for Chinese nationals. She further suggests they are “possibly”
COVID-infected before taking a quantum leap that these were aimed to circumvent the detection of COVID infections.

She then takes a second astral journey, spiriting to the far ends of fantasy, and sans any evidence, charges a cover-up to shield Duterte from public outrage.

Running on nothing but speculation, she wrote, “All these suggest impunity for these Chinese operators and connivance with some government personalities, if not outright protection from higher office, possibly as high there in Malacañang.”

Suggestions, suspicions, assumptions and possibilities are not facts. Worse, to imply Palace complicity, De Lima blatantly ignores that it is the Duterte administration that’s cracked down on these illegal online operations.

If De Lima is itching for attention, we suggest vigorous rubbing against the wall in her cell.