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Con artist extraordinaire

Why is De Lima even tweeting like a lovelorn teenager should be probed, since drug suspects are not allowed the use of communication devices.




The hysterical detained Sen. Leila de Lima, who claims to have been placed in isolation, was madly tweeting the past few days, directing her venom on perceived enemies and placing them together in an imagined conspiracy.

In a lengthy message, the drugs trade suspect, wildly blasted away at Vince Dizon, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority president, along with this paper, which she accused of being used for propaganda.

Since Dizon is one of the trusted lieutenants of President Rody Duterte, maligning him was considered by the scheming senator as fair target to get at Rody.

Based on her conspiracy theory, a connivance has been formed to shield Philippine offshore gaming operators using the Clark Freeport Zone, including the clinics that were falsely suspected of being coronavirus hospitals.

She then craftily connected her allegations to the drug offense charges she is facing that she keeps on pointing to Rody as instigator.

The lies she is capable of in pushing her agenda are already legendary, such as when she tried to tie up the death of hotelier Richard King in 2016 to a Duterte family member.

Then Kabayan partylist Rep. Harry Roque, who is now Rody’s spokesman, decried the De Lima maneuver.

Roque, who also used to be counsel for King, said his family was “appalled by the gall of Sen. Leila de Lima in dragging the death of the Crown Regency owner in her attempt to smear the name of President Duterte.”

“The King family has already undergone enough trauma with the death of Richard. They are now being subjected to undue emotional distress because of the vain desire of Senator De Lima to discredit the President,” Roque said then.

De Lima then was already facing allegations of being involved in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) drugs network racket.

“This was Senator De Lima’s defense strategy: stage an offense knowing that the truth on her drug dealings will soon be revealed at the House of Representatives next week,” Roque had indicated.

Similar to her hatchet jobs against the President involving supposed extrajudicial killings in the conduct of the war on drugs, De Lima’s tall tales never gained traction and, instead, whenever she opens her vile mouth, public confidence for Rody rises.

The senator was also one of the proponents of selective justice during the watch of former President Noynoy Aquino when political opponents, such as in the P10 billion pork barrel scam, were persecuted while allies were shielded.

The application of selective justice on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo popped like a soap bubble as all the charges that kept her in detention that De Lima filed were dismissed by the Sandiganbayan.

Why is De Lima even tweeting like a lovelorn teenager should be probed, since drug suspects are not allowed the use of communication devices, which was a violation that led to the busting of the shabu distribution network emanating from the NBP during her stint as Department of Justice secretary.

Drug lord suspects who had violated the prison protocol were sent to isolation chambers and all their amenities removed. So, why should it not apply to the senator.

Bureau of Corrections director Gerald Bantag should pay De Lima a visit and see what he can do to address public complaints of preferential treatment on the accused drug offender.

Bantag can even raid the quarters of De Lima less the cowboy hat that the former DoJ chief wore when she led the bogus sweep at the NBP in 2014.