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Malice con yellow

“Yellows maliciously weave the rhetoric as a policy underlying a de facto tyranny.

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For every opposition writer, putschist, seditionist and coup plotter hell-bent on taking down the duly elected and overwhelmingly approved government headed by Rodrigo Duterte, perhaps the most alluded bit of rhetoric they conveniently spin into a horrific state policy is the President’s admonition to the authorities to defend themselves when their lives are at stake.

Force, especially deadly force must always be anyone’s last resort. Unfortunately there are situations between the moment a threat is first realized to the point that the appropriate defense is decided upon simply span microseconds. It is much too brief to go through the binomial algorithms of morality and the complex decision trees involving all available options, permutations and combinations ranging from ducking and running away, to praying the act of contrition, to pulling a trigger.

For the yellows, the controversial rhetoric that constantly resonates inside the spacious chambers of a cranial shell preprogrammed for hate are the words “Shoot them dead.”

It is an old reprise when the President first told law enforcers that when they are threatened, then there are specific instances that legitimately authorize extreme responses.

The context then was an admonition to law enforcers to see to their own safety amid the war on drugs. Far from being a simple health issue, globally, where drug lords, crooked politicians, even Cabinet officials, drug cartels and syndicates control trafficking, violence presides.

In this time of the COVID–19 pandemic the specific instance that critics deliberately misrepresent is when professional Leftist agitators instigated the gullible poor and needy not simply to violate statutory quarantine restrictions and distancing rules, but to assemble into a bloodthirsty hateful mob to violently storm a government institution. Clearly an act of sedition, yellows continuously use this to found fears of a tyrannical dictatorship.

Just to get the facts straight on a seminal event, review exactly what had been said by the President in response to an urban riot.

“I’m addressing the Left. Your violations, slamming the distribution, remember you in the Left, you are not the government. And you know that. You are not the government and you cannot be part of what we are planning for the nation. You have to understand that. Don’t do anything foolish and instigate a riot because I will order you detained and you will only be released after the COVID.”

“Don’t threaten me with violence because if you really want trouble, we will have chaos in our country. If you want to shoot, sure, I will not hesitate. My order for the police, the military, even to village officials, that if someone caused trouble and their lives are put in danger, ‘Shoot them dead.’ If you cause violence, I will bury you.”

One, Duterte was addressing the Left, which we must remember had been continuously disrupting relief distribution in the countryside, employing deadly attacks that leave scores dead and murdered. That the Quezon City riot was instigated by the Left merely updated and urbanized the Left’s deadly ploy.

Two, the “shoot them dead” rhetoric was clearly qualified by strict legal requisites.

First there is the threat of violence. Second, there is the precondition that “troublemakers” will shoot. Third, that the law enforcers lives are “put in danger.” Thus, three conditions prior to the use of deadly force.

Despite the foregoing, yellows maliciously weave the rhetoric as a policy underlying a de facto tyranny. But discern Duterte’s deeper concerns on chaos and riotous violence that disrupt the distribution of relief.

Duterte recognizes the right of people to protest as vigorously as needed. Not violently but vigorously. A violent riot is not a protest. He likewise recognizes that while people have the right to seek redress, in doing so they have no right to endanger the lives of others, whether those are co-protesters standing right beside in violation of distancing rules or yonder others they violently assault.

Their malice is actually just the latest of a longer narrative by damned and desperate yellows whose mantra refrains their opposition to our steady popular support for Duterte. Theirs is constant. That our duly elected and loved President is a murderer.

Never mind that if there is anything that he has killed it is their ambition to perpetuate in power and to forever install a rapacious pack of salivating power hungry elitists.

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