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Online programs keep football alive




E-Sports worked with the local government of Biñan to install Limonta’s Diamond 50 premium turf on the Laguna football stadium. (E-Sports Facebook)

As tournaments are put on hold, former Azkals player Anton Del Rosario is still positive about the future of the growing 7s FL, a 7X7 amateur football association that has brought together athletes of all ages.

In an effort to keep the football circuit in motion, Del Rosario joined forces with several organizations to hold the online program 7X7 Electronic Football League, where eight tournaments are held weekly to compete for the Championship Cup.

“We focus a lot in creating an atmosphere,” said Del Rosario. “We are about 250 to 300 teams
playing every weekend. So, when you come to our games, we’ll have kids playing throughout
the day, and then have the adults take over. While we’re doing it, we have concessions and

Still, Luntian Futsal School coach and team manager Johann Casal Casal, also a member of 7s FL Muntinlupa division, can’t wait to go back on the pitch.

“The 7s is very different because it is more community-based. When we go to the games, it’s
like a reunion. We really battle it out on the field but after the game, we all crack open a can of
beer and just enjoy each other’s company,” Casal shared.

Del Rosario said football clubs are fit and ready to go back to the fields.

“I’ve spoken to the managers of my teams and according to them, all their players are all ready
to get back on the field. Fan-less or with fans, I think the players are still able to bring it and give a very good match,” Del Rosario said.

Casal is also leading online coaching videos for the Luntian Futsal School via Facebook
to keep children in shape and an opportunity to improve their football skills.

Football fans also look forward to Heroes of Halftime, a weekly show that aims to provide a platform that will keep the sports community connected despite restrictions caused by the COVID-19 epidemic.

It features sports authorities, athletes, coaches, team owners and fans and present challenges, insights and tips on how to outlast the effects of the coronavirus.  The 20-minute program airs on the YouTube channel of Audris Romualdez.

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