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New Gen has come

David John Cubangbang




Everything changes, as the coronavirus pandemic has proven, and in the same way life rolls forward, a girl group has shown that although they are molded from the same package as their predecessors, they are the epitome of what’s new.

SB NewGen, a Viva Entertainment group based on the popular Sexbomb Girls, is now ready to prove that “The NewGen has come.”

The group got bashed at the start of their career for allegedly being “copycats” of the said famous Filipino girl group. To help define their unique identity, the group obliged Daily Tribune with an exclusive interview:

Daily Tribune (DT): Who is SB NewGen?

SB NewGen (SB): SB NewGen is a diverse group of talented and powerful new generation of Filipina women who started out as backup dancers and eventually realized their dreams of becoming full-fledged recording artists. We are here to encourage the Filipina youth that they should not be afraid to dream. That all dreams are valid no matter how impossible they may seem.

DT: When was the group formed?

SB: We started out as backup dancers in 2017 and debuted as a pop group on 8 February 2019.

DT: Who are the members?

SB: Keshia Almoroto (Sexy), Julie Aring (Sweet), Nikkie Millares (Cute), Eunice Andrea (Diva), Daphny Red (Twerk), Jelai Ahamil (Morena).

DT: Why was the group formed?

SB: SB NewGen is under the same agency and was originally formed to be new members of Sexbomb Girls. After receiving negative feedback about the group being a copycat of the pioneer group, we decided to change the name to SB NewGen.

SB = Sexbomb. To honor the legacy of Sexbomb Girls who provided happiness and positivity to many Filipino households through Eat Bulaga. The first female dance group to transition to award-winning recording artists and have a record 27-season drama series named Daisy Siete. One of our biggest inspirations. They inspired us, encouraged us and touched our hearts — that is why we want to do the same for others.

We are here to encourage the Filipina youth that they should not be afraid to dream. That all dreams are valid no matter how impossible they may seem.
photograph courtesy of SBNewGen Facebook Page

NewGen = To tell people that a new generation has come. That we don’t intend to copy our pioneers even if we share the same dream of being someone that the youth can lean on to empower them. That we want to continue the legacy in our own way with a new sound that is 100 percent our own.

DT: What are the highlight performances of the group so far?

SB: NewGen Shake Performance on It’s Showtime was the first time we set foot on the show, not as backup dancers anymore but as recording artists performing a song we wrote ourselves. It was such a dream!  Also, it was the first time we performed with the Original Sexbomb on national TV! Sharing the same stage with the people we look up to the most was surreal.

Our first concert was also a highlight because we did not expect to have a standing audience and for so many people to come and support us.

Viva Manila, Viva Convention was the first time we sang our original tracks live alongside the best musicians of Viva Entertainment.

DT: What are the group’s projects that got  postponed because of the COVID pandemic?

SB: Almost all our projects were postponed — live shows, tapings, endorsement shoots and some aspects of our upcoming music were put to a halt during the pandemic.

We are currently focusing volunteer for COVId-19 relief operations alongside our regular Kumu live schedules as an effort to keep NewGen Fam updated and still be able to engage with them even during quarantine.

DT: What makes you different from the original Sexbomb group

SB: The original Sexbomb Girls mentored and taught us a lot of what we know now. Although our overall look, sound and vibe is different, we take honor in resembling them in terms of their hard work and the positive effect that they have on others. We dream to be like them in the way that when we watch them, we feel happy and forget all our problems even for just a couple of minutes of their performances.

DT: What activities are you doing at home to cope with the lockdown?

SB: TikTok, cooking, watching Netflix (K-drama), sleeping, self-care, spending more time with our family, doing things we could not normally spend a lot of time on because of our work schedule.

DT: Why do you think SB NewGen is popular among audiences nowadays?

SB: Hmm. We don’t think we’re popular yet but if ever people consider us as that, the answer would be this: Maybe because we cover popular songs, people can relate to us. We show sides of our personalities that others would rather hide. Maybe owning what some people consider negative like “sexy,” “morena” or “twerk” and finding power within those descriptions help others find power in it, too? We’re really not sure yet but we’ll let you know once we get there.

DT: Any advice for the youth on how can they stay happy and sane during the lockdown?

SB: Work on themselves. Focus on the things they couldn’t do when they were busy. For example, learn how to cook, get the summer body you always wanted to stay fit and healthy, bond more with family — because this pandemic is teaching us we must be grateful for whatever resources we have.