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Marcial ready to meet ABAP

Ian Suyu



Eumir Marcial is looking forward to sit down with the leadership of the Association of Boxing Alliances of the Philippines (ABAP) following his hiring of Atty. Clint Aranas as legal counsel.

Marcial said he respects ABAP president Ricky Vargas and secretary general Ed Picson and he is ready to meet them to discuss how they can help them in his bid to clinch the country’s first gold medal in the Olympics while wading into the professional ranks.

He added that he would definitely include Aranas in the meeting since his task is to review his contracts and obligations both to ABAP and his professional promoter.

The relationship between Marcial and ABAP hit a snag after the three-time Southeast Asian Games gold medalist expressed his decision to compete in the professional ranks.

Sources said at least three big-shot promoters in the United States are wooing Marcial, dangling hefty offers that could change his fortune and turn him into a world champion.

Marcial admitted that he is leaning towards turning pro, but he also wanted to fulfill his goal of emerging with a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

With this, he hired Aranas, a noted tax lawyer, former Bureau of Internal Revenue deputy commissioner and Government Service Insurance System president, as legal counsel despite the fact that he is not seeing eye to eye with Vargas due to their previous clashes in the Philippine Olympic Committee.

But Marcial said he is moving on and willing to sit down with Vargas and Picson.

“I respect them and I’m ready to talk to them anytime,” said Marcial, adding that he remains grateful to Vargas and Picson for everything they did in his amateur career.

“It’s good that we talk so we can clear out things out and align our plans both on my amateur and professional careers.”

Vargas is supposed to meet Marcial and other boxers via a video conference call on Saturday.

Daily Tribune tried, but couldn’t reach Vargas for comment.

Still, Marcial said he remains open to the possibility of meeting Vargas and Picson so they can patch things up and be united for a common goal of winning an Olympic gold medal.

“I’m looking forward to talking to them,” he said. “I am ready to sit down with them anytime and anywhere.”

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