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Roque: No apology to CNN reporter

Francis Wakefield



Roque: I don’t owe anything to NUJP. (Facebook grab)
Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque on Wednesday maintained that he won’t issue a public apology to a female television reporter after he criticized her on live TV on Tuesday, 19 May.
This after the palace official singled out CNN Philippines reporter Triciah Terada for an online article headlined “Up to private sector to carry out mass testing, Roque says amid limited testing capacity.”
Terada said she did not write the online article that was published on the official website of CNN Philippines.
Following the incident, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) demanded Roque to apologize to Terada but the Palace spokesperson will not budge.
I don’t owe anything to NUJP. I have done work for NUJP, they probably owe me, but I don’t owe them,” Roque said during an interview over ANC.
“Well I think it is very clear, it was a wrong quote. It was a misquote because the context that the mass testing had to do with the Wuhan-type testing, was omitted. Now let me see, let me make it clear ‘no – CNN has since corrected the story, so there was really a mistake. Iyong sa akin naman if there’s a mistake, if you acknowledges a mistake, I don’t even demand an apology, just correct it because we’re all in the business of the truth – that to me is enough,” he added.
Roque said he has already spoken to Terada following what happened. He, however, is puzzled why some news agencies do not put the bylines of the people who wrote the story for transparency.
“Now—well whatever it is that I owe Trish, I’ve talked to Trish and whatever it is that I should do, I’ve done it. Okay? But the point is Trish is the CNN reporter in Malacañang. Whoever wrote the article, and there was no byline, that’s the problem ‘no, why is it that some news agencies do not have bylines for the stories para we know who wrote it ‘no?,” Roque said.

“In this case there was really an error that they have corrected, but we also need to know who that person was, because I think as a professional ‘no – the journalist, who made the error should be identified ‘no because it will affect the reputation ‘no. It turns out that it was not Trish who wrote the article, and I think personally, I have sent a message to Trish but I also feel that as the Malacañang reporter, she should have corrected the story of her news outfit particularly because it’s her beat,” he added.

Roque said there were instances in the past that a reporter would call out the attention of its online department to correct a mistake in their news article.
“Alam mo sa ABS-CBN marami na akong naging ganiyang instance but I didn’t have to do anything because the reporter of ABS-CBN would call the attention of ABS-CBN online. And I can think of 3 instances already when it happened ‘no because that’s also part of their responsibility as Malacañang beat reporters,” Roque said 

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