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All in reel, never real: secret of the Bea-John Lloyd magic

Care Balleras



Love Team undeniably proved that the Bea-Lloyd magic lives on. photograph courtesy of facebook

It was nearly 18 years ago when we first saw Yuri and Katrina on Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, yet the same intense flutters were still drawn out when Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz did an Instagram film called Love Team last 28 April.

In the said IG film directed by Antonette Jadaone, the experimental work produced by The Unconfirmed Cinema, the two actors were casually talking to each other while fans smashed heart reactions.

The line between reality and make-believe was successfully blurred in the film as netizens expected the ship that has been building for years to finally sail — but only to find out that it was all for a show.

Love Team undeniably proved that the Bea-Lloyd magic lives on. And their secret for an unwavering tandem is simple — they never had a real-life romance.

In 2002, the Bea-Lloyd love team was conceived by the soap opera, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. They may be a hit in the eyes of the viewers, but rumor had it that the two did not really get along behind the camera for the entire taping of the said soap. No “Hi, Hello” and no exchanging of numbers for two years.

As they had revealed during prior interviews, they were not really interested in pursuing a personal relationship. Not even a friendship during the early parts of the tandem. Everything was only for work.

It was director Lauren T. Dyogi who mediated the two to become friends halfway through the taping of their movie, Now That I Have You.

The ties that binded

Saying it’s awkward is an understatement for their first legitimate conversation. Commanded by Direk Lauren to stay together in one corner, the two asked each other what their favorite colors and viands were — just like a static slam book questionnaire.

Off from a rocky start, the two were able to build a lasting friendship while coordinating to hone their crafts as artists. Now, their love team embarked a history in the entertainment industry by starring in the greatest Filipino series and movies ever produced.

While the Bea-John Lloyd magic lives on, what most people do not know is that years ago, they already carved into stone that nothing will go beyond their love team beyond the profession.

In a 2012 interview aired on Jeepney TV, Bea mentioned, “Siguro kung hinaluan namin ng personal na relationship, siguro hindi ‘yon aabot nang ganun kasi siguro galit kami ngayon sa isa’t isa.

(Maybe if we mixed it with a personal relationship, we may not reach this point because we are mad at each other).”

Perhaps this was brought by director Olivia Lamasan’s wish “Sana hindi maging sila (I hope they will not end up together.) during the launch of Bea-Lloyd’s
first-ever fan base during “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay” days.

Although the wish triggered the fans, Bea and John Lloyd may have followed it by heart that they turned out to become masters of staying within the reel. And it definitely worked.

After “Kay Tagal” and “Now That I Have You,” the two remarkably played wide-ranging roles in “It Might Be You” (2003-2004), “Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin” (2005) and “Maging Sino Ka Man” (2007-2008).
Popoy and Basha

And in 2007, Popoy and Basha came to life in Cathy Garcia-Molina’s One More Chance, the breakthrough movie in Philippine cinema that beautifully discussed the anatomy of a break-up.

One More Chance was supposedly Bea and John Lloyd’s last movie as the management aimed for the two to grow individually. But as Popoy and Basha’s lines “You had me at my best, she loved me at my worst… And you chose to break my heart.” and “Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit.” gave a huge mark in Philippine cinema history and culture as a whole, they were given not only one but more chances to remain as on-screen partners.

After eight fruitful years of the tandem teaming up in different projects, A Second Chance was born in 2015 as a sequel of the film. And just like the first one, Popoy and Basha did not disappoint.
This was the last full-blown film of the two before the recently showed Love Team as John Lloyd just came back last year after his hiatus last 2017.

Now, John Lloyd embraces fatherhood in Cebu as his son with Ellen Adarna, Elias, is growing up. Meanwhile, Bea is still on a roll despite going through controversies with ex-boyfriend Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto.

No one may not absolutely distinguish between what’s real and “just for the reel” between Bea and John Lloyd, but one thing is for sure; with two years short of being 20 years together as a love team, they have already figured a solid friendship that can last a lifetime.

And more importantly, they were generous enough to delight our hearts with life-changing romantic narratives by rendering chemistry that only the two of them can pull off.

In the end, nothing can smear the truth that for their fans, they are Bea AND John Lloyd, always together and never apart.

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