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Laguna hospitals ‘turn back’ on baby



MOTHER and baby were given the runaround by several hospitals, says Yanna Malicdem in whose Facebook account was posted this photo used by Daily Tribune with her permission..

A nine-month-old infant tagged as a COVID-19 suspect was rejected by at least 10 private hospitals in Laguna despite suffering from high-grade fever.

Yanna Malicdem shared on social media how her 20-year-old sister and nephew endured almost 12 hours of going around different hospitals, only for the infant to be refused admission.

The baby boy was brought to various medical centers while suffering from high temperature, pneumonia and infection in the blood — causing him to become pale on 19 April.

“I work here as a medical worker in Canada and have been looking after my sister and her son since our mother passed away last February. I have been on a video call with them during the time they were being rejected by the hospitals,” Malicdem told the Daily Tribune.

Malicdem said that for two weeks, her nephew was brought back and forth in a clinic in Santa Rosa, Laguna as his white blood cell count was very high which indicated infection, prompting his doctor to recommend that he be admitted to a hospital.

“The first hospital they went to was the  Biñan Doctors’ Hospital. My nephew was accommodated in a triage, had his breathing, throat and temperature checked. His blood test result was also taken and later revealed that he has an infection. Unfortunately, there was no pediatrician present in the hospital. They were told that they can’t accept the baby because there was no available room,” said Malicdem.

The Department of Justice has asked the National Bureau of Investigation to probe hospitals who refuse to provide services in emergency situations following the death of a senior citizen who was refused admission by six hospitals in Nueva Ecija.  Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go has also warned said hospitals that they will be investigated by the Senate.

Only a ward
Unihealth Southwoods Hospital and Medical Center in Biñan, where his regular pediatrician held clinic, also allegedly rejected the infant and they were asked to go back to Biñan Doctor’s Hospital.

“They returned there but the infant’s parents were advised that the hospital can’t let the infant be mixed up with other patients as he has an infection. Also, they do not have an available room but only a ward,” she shared.

Next, they went to Westlake Medical Center in San Pedro, whose staff told them there was an available room but that no pediatrician was available.

“They did not assess the baby. They just declined him,” Malicdem noted.

They transferred to Evangelista Medical Specialty Hospital, also in San Pedro, where the baby was also rejected without checking him up.

“The baby was then brought to New Sinai MDI Hospital in Santa Rosa. Here, he was checked. But the doctor yelled at my sister for bringing her baby there,” said Malicdem.

According to her, the doctor asked Malicdem’s sister why they opted to go to this hospital and what the reasons cited by other hospitals for rejecting them were.

Shouted at
“My sister told them she doesn’t know exactly. So the doctor shouted at her, saying, ‘Why don’t you know when you are the mother. You brought the baby here, putting us, the frontliners, at risk,” Malicdem recalled.

Despite this, the infant was assessed for almost six hours inside its triage.

“Here, his chest was checked and his X-ray result showed that he has acquired pneumonia,” she said.

But the people at the hospital declined him to be admitted as they said they had no room available. They also made them sign a waiver that they would not be responsible for whatever happens to him as they cannot admit him without a room. They did not sign the waiver.

“They gave them a transfer or a referral form to another hospital describing my nephew as a COVID suspect,” Malicdem shared.

The infant was then brought to the Perpetual Help Medical Center in Biñan, The Medical City South Luzon in Santa Rosa, QualiMed Hospital (also in Santa Rosa), and Sta. Rosa Hospital & Medical Center, which allegedly also rejected the baby without assessing him.

Swab test
None of the hospitals had the capacity to take swab samples from the infant, said Malicdem.

They went back to the Westlake Medical Center upon a family member’s recommendation.

“The management of Westlake Medical Center had an emergency meeting before admitting the infant in a room under the ‘COVID-19 floor,'” said Malicdem.

She said that his swab samples were taken but the hospital still doesn’t know when to send them to Research Institute for Tropical Medicine as the institution can only receive a limited number of samples.

As of the moment, the infant is still undergoing home quarantine with his parents after he was discharged from the hospital when his fever has subdued.

“The baby’s still taking his antibiotics for pneumonia, and recovering at home,” she said.

They have yet to know the result of his COVID-19 test.