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‘President’ Gatchalian disowns procession

Mayor incurs netizens ire for ‘violating’ quarantine

Kathleen A. Llemit



Catholic faithful wearing face masks approach a vehicle carrying the Nazareno de San Pablo in a motorcade procession in Caracas, Venezuela, on 8 April 2020. (AFP)

Some netizens took a swipe at Valenzuela Mayor Rex Gatchalian for allegedly breaking quarantine protocol, but the mayor took everything in stride.

The good mayor, hailed for his innovative and sound crisis management, took to his Facebook page on 9 April to reply to comments of netizens, who called his attention for purportedly allowing a procession in his city.

“So ang daming nagagalit sa akin dahil dito. Hindi ko alam na ako na din pala ang pinuno ng bansa na Venezuela. Mga sirs and ma’ams, Mayor po ako ng dakilang lungsod ng Valenzuela. Hindi po ng bansa na Venezuela (There are people who are angry with me. I didn’t know I’m also the leader of the country, Venezuela. Sirs and ma’ams, I’m the mayor of the great city of Valenzuela, not the country of Venezuela),” he posted.

It turned out some netizens mistook Valenzuela for the South American country, Venezuela.






They reacted to a story posted on a news website about the procession of the Nazarene of St. Paul in Venezuela despite a national quarantine in the mostly Catholic country.

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