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Celebrities go green

These stars get our two green thumbs up for practicing and inspiring sustainable and healthy living.

Louise Lizan



Photograph courtesy of ig/itskcconcepcion KC Concepcion recalls gardening back when she was a child in one of her Instagram posts.

It seems like indoor farming could be the next big trend among local showbiz personalities three weeks into the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine (ECQ).

Although grocery stores and public markets are still open, few celebrities manage to grow fresh vegetables and fruits in their backyards. Save it for money and risks of contracting the virus when going out, nothing beats being too careful than consuming fresh produce straight from their homes.

Celebrity mother of three Cheska
Garcia-Kramer started searching for online tips on how to start growing vegetables. It didn’t take long for her to enjoy planting after a few days of studying how to raise an edible garden at home. In an Instagram post, Cheska shared pictures of their harvest. “Kendra along with Yaya Josie was able to harvest quite a number of vegetables in our little garden,” the caption reads.

The Kramers have harvested a variety of colorful vegetables that include leeks, carrots, turmeric, ginger, tomatoes, string beans, bell peppers and eggplants.

Cheska shared a few tips for those who want to start their own farming journey, “It doesn’t take much to grow these vegetables. If space is your concern, there are vegetables that also grow well in pots or in containers.”

One of Liz Uy and her son Xavi’s 2020 resolutions was to eat healthily and take care of plants growing in their garden — and there is no perfect time to do both to keep themselves healthy amid the threat of the virus. Last week, Liz shared that she started planting with her son at the end of February to achieve their goal. Mother and son bonding moments turned into “little accomplishments.”

But besides the resolution, Liz wanted to teach Xavi a lesson. “Also wanted Xavi to have a summer activity where he will have daily accountability, and to instill in him a very important lesson: as you sow, so shall you reap,” reads her caption.

Neri-Naig Miranda is a homebody and has been into growing fresh produce. The mini-farm she owns in Alfonso, Cavite with musician-husband Chito Miranda appears quite often on her social media feed — including pictures of their harvest for the day and anecdotes about their in-house farming. She started sharing her farming journey after the community quarantine was imposed, from daily menus, farm-to-table recipes to harvesting tips.

NERI and her family are no strangers to growing their own food.

Buti na lang at di kami gala ng nanay ko at nag-eenjoy lang sa bahay at mag-garden (It’s a good thing that my mom and I don’t go out much. We have fun here at home and while gardening),” she shared.

One of the tips she shared was one of her food hacks, “Yung mga buto ng kalamansi, sili, kamatis, o kung ano ang mga gulay nyo na may buto, ilagay na lang sa paso o ihagis sa bakuran nyo at para may aanihin next month. Kung makadaan kayo sa grocery stores, may mga buto dun na pwede pananim. Basta katabi ng gulay section. Hindi natin alam hanggang kailan eto pero mas maganda na ang palaging handa (All your vegetables which have seeds in it, put it in a different pot or bury it in soil so you’ll have something to harvest next month. If you pass by a grocery store, you can buy seeds to plant. We don’t know how long this will take, but it’s always better to be prepared),” with tips also for fruits and vegetables that can be found in her home.

She usually harvests corn, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, ampalaya (bitter gourd), among other things, and shares them on Instagram with the caption, “Pang-ilang araw din na ulam ito (These vegetables can be our main dishes for days)!”

KC Concepcion looks back to gardening like she did when she was eight. Taught by her grandmother how to plant with a hose, the actress posted a picture of her on Instagram while she was watering plants in their backyard.

CHESKA’S first-born Kendra picks up the harvest in their small garden.

Kulang nalang dito DASTER eh complete na sana ang eksena! Hahaha lahat ng Pinoy makaka-relate! (I should’ve worn a house dress! It should complete the scene! All Filipinos can relate)!” she said.

These stars add to the celebrities who have shared their mini-farms and gardens that grow fresh produce. Coco Martin, who has most of the vegetables in the childhood song “Bahay Kubo” planted in his backyard, shared the importance of growing fresh produces in his Instagram account a few years ago. Another celebrity, Marjorie Barretto, has personally planted guyabano, kamias and rambutan trees as an experiment in their farm in Bulacan.

It is never too late to start securing necessary needs in the comfort of our own homes and we’re giving these celebrities two green thumbs up for practicing and inspiring sustainable and healthy living among their followers especially in these trying times.

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