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Baguio’s aggressive COVID stance paying off

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BAGUIO City is entering its third week without anew new case of coronavirus disease infection. Tribune file photo

Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong thanked his constituents on Wednesday for being cooperative on the city’s anti-COVID measures, resulting to their not having a new case for the 13th straight day.

He adjusted the days of Baguio City having no new cases from 11, saying the last person who tested positive for the coronavirus disease was in La Trinidad, Benguet although the patient was from Baguio.

In an interview by CNN Philippines, the mayor credited their mass testing, contact tracing and use of technology like CT scans in immediately isolating COVID patients so they do not infect others.

Magalong said transparency has proven important insofar as COVID-positive people admitting their condition for effective contact tracing. He said Baguio City has 14 COVID cases, with one death.


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