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Sara hits another anti-Digong fake news

Hananeel Bordey



MAYOR Sara Duterte

The accusation being made on social media that President Rodrigo Duterte is not following social-distancing, based on a photo showing him with health workers, is a patent lie.

His daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte pointed this out yesterday, saying the photo was taken in 2017 when he visited her daughter Stonefish in a private hospital.

“This photo has been going the rounds on social media now and presented to appear like it was recently taken. That it is malicious and presented to confuse the public and stir outrage against the President and the healthcare workers is obvious,” she said.

She slammed the anti-Duterte groups for taking advantage of the COVID-19 and their use of fake news to discredit the government.

“The use of this photo to attack the President shows the desperation of anti-Duterte groups. It also shows their disrespect of the sacrifices of the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines,” she said.

The younger Duterte also condemned the “political attack” in the midst of a pandemic.

“Our common enemy is toxic and deadly enough. We should not allow our common resolve to overcome this health crisis be poisoned by the political toxicity of those who are against the government,” she ended.



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