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Bush busters




Lockdowns have become the norm in countries grappling with the coronavirus pandemic. But many people find it hard to follow stay-at-home regulations meant to prevent them from catching the dreaded COVID-19 and stop the virus from spreading.

In Metro Manila, the sight of residents outside their homes mingling with neighbors is common. They only return home when told to do so by village watchmen. Others cite the overused alibi of “just buying food,” as that is the only valid reason to be outside the home.

But Filipinos are not the only social animals with the itch to travel all the time. Reports abound of residents in Italy giving all sorts of excuses to officers who catch them outside.

Under its stay-at-home rule, Italians are required to fill out a form when going out, citing the reason which should only be buying food or medicine, or going to work. The most common alibi is walking their pet as violators were caught jogging.

In the United Kingdom, streets of residential communities are deserted indicating serious compliance with the stay-at-home regulation. But it may all be for show after a resident in the English town of Stevenage this week was caught on video by a neighbor sneaking out of his home and defying the coronavirus lockdown.

The video, which racked up about 16.5 million views after it was posted on social media, shows the neighbor wearing a bush costume as disguise and blending in with the hedges from time to time to avoid getting noticed. He returned doing the same antic except that the shopping bag he was carrying blew his cover as it made obvious the fact that he was not staying home.

Meanwhile, the bush man’s fellows in the northern Wales town of Llandudno should think twice of copying the modus to circumvent the stay-at-home rule. Mountain goats were seen roaming in the deserted town’s square and streets, even eating garden hedges along the way. Loiterers using bush costume as cover may find themselves exposed when the goats eat away their leafy disguise.

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