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The coronavirus is the unseen terrorist now killing the world’s population in wanton abandon. The parasite has crossed out more than a million names in its hit list to date and plans more mayhem in the coming days.

Since the start of the virus’ deadly rampage in China in December, mankind has tried all sorts of weapons in its arsenal to counter the invisible enemy. But disinfectant, handwashing, thermal scanners, face masks, curfew, airport closures, quarantines, lockdowns and social distancing seem to be no match against the rampaging disease as it continues to claim lives by the thousands every day.

With the more effective vaccine still an unavailable weapon, people are resorting to bizarre methods like drinking cow urine or bear vile and showering in holy water.

In Sri Lanka, two helicopters flew over the country’s international airport on 27 March and sprinkled it with water blessed through Buddhist monks’ chants.

Of late, a new weapon against the virus has emerged. A Michigan couple tried prototypes during their wedding last Saturday. After putting them on the pews in the chapel, some 160 invited guests seem to have dodged the virus while doing away with social distancing rules.

The unusual weapon sourced from a local packaging plant has interested another party. A football club in Germany plans to try the technique of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson.

Games in the Bundesliga, the top football league in the country, are suspended until the end of April to prevent mass gatherings, an opportunity for the coronavirus to attack. But the Borussia club plans to fill its home stadium in Mönchengladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia with some 50,000 fans.

Like the cardboard cutouts of the wedding guests, Borussia fans can have a “life-size cardboard cut-out” of themselves, complete with photos of their faces, to be placed in their preferred seat in the stadium, according to an AFP report.

Two local firms shuttered by Germany’s own lockdown will produce the replica of fans who can buy their plastic cutouts for 19 euros or $21 each.

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