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Style nyo bulok!

“As far as I know, inciting to sedition is still penalized by the Revised Penal Code even if the anti-sedition act, the special law, has been declared uncons-titutional.

Harry Roque



I was distressed to see in the news the rioting at North Avenue yesterday showing allegedly distressed Quezon City residents resorting to the streets and violence in their clamor for food. It turned-out that the whole thing was staged by the leftist group Kadamay. For what purpose? Obviously to rile the people into panic and to compel them to resort to widespread rioting in the streets and force down the administration of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

This is the problem with the left. Granted that their hearts are in the right place for their cause of promoting social justice, the fact is their means of effecting change, despite their proven success in parliamentary struggle, is rotten to the core. C’mon! The whole world is reeling from a worldwide pandemic and all that the Maoist leftist movement could think of is how to foment civil unrest capitalizing on the people’s fear of the unknown and the dreaded disease! Talk of the foulest methods that they can think of.

It was right then for the President to deliver an address to the nation to warn the Maoists that their style will not be tolerated. At a time when we have this unprecedented challenge dealing with an unseen enemy, they need leadership to instill calm and sobriety amidst the on-going pandemic. Instead, the Maoists want chaos to prevail! And to what end? To create pandemonium that would result in a clamor for mob rule that would lead to leadership change two years before the next scheduled elections. Really now, is this how they want to be remembered in Philippine history? As provocateurs and power-hungry Maoists?

And what about the dilawans? I do not want to condemn them of conspiring with the Maoists on this latest putsch, but you can certainly tell that they have resorted anew to social media condemning the Duterte administration for allegedly being heartless to the needs of the poor. What? The unprecedented Bayanihan Act which authorizes the unprecedented spending of P200 billion in social amelioration is being insensitive to the poor? Goodness, are they even from this planet?

But I’m just too happy that the President articulated his political will and resolve to say no to this provocations. He has said he will not hesitate to arrest them and yes, they certainly deserved to be arrested despite what so-called libertarian “talunan” senatoriable will say. As far as I know, inciting to sedition is still penalized by the Revised Penal Code even if the anti-sedition act, the special law, has been declared unconstitutional. But the real damage to the Maoists is that since it has been exposed that much-publicized North Avenue riot was staged, the people should now know better than to trust them.

In any case, lest I succumb to the temptation to devoting a whole column to ideologues who are obviously oblivious to current trends, that is, they’re now the last Maoists on earth; allow me to thank individuals and companies who have assisted us in our own small way to contribute solutions to the current crisis rather than being part of it. Thus far, we have distributed 1,500 Jollibee food meals to front liners in the Philippine General Hospital, 300 chicken joy meals to front liners in Gallares Memorial Hospital in Tagbilaran, Bohol, and a further 300 chicken joy meals for the Philippine Hear Center frontlines. We have also served 10 of our very own Miniong’s native organic lechon Cebu to 600 stranded dormers in UP Diliman. As of press time, we are still contacting officials at UP Los Baños where we intend to send another 10 lechon for stranded dormers there. We have also sent 400 COVID-19 test kits to Cagayan and Bohol, as well as to various parts of Metro-Manila. I would like to thank Carina Agarao of Jollibee, and my dearest friends who contributed financial resources for this effort: my kumpare Gerry Sy of the Primer Group, my business partner in Mariveles Power Inc. Danny Corral, my “classmate in Xavier” Robert So, Samuel Uy of the Philippine-Chinese Business Club, Marily Orosa of CCM, my former student Atty. Kester Kua, and the philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous for the COVID-19 testing kits. Thanks, too, to Dr. Minguita Padilla for tirelessly advocating the use of the rapid testing kits for COVID-19.

I wish I could do more. Unfortunately, the checkpoints in Baras, Rizal have prevented me from delivering more of my pork products to intended beneficiaries. We understand the zealousness of those manning the checkpoints in the area; but I hope they also realize that this misplaced zealousness and ignorance that hinders the movement of food from the provinces to the Metropolis; will definitely cause food shortage sooner or later. And yes, thanks, too, to those manning the checkpoints that allowed the delivery of our food items on humanitarian grounds.

So, to the Maoists: time to change your tactics if you want to endear yourselves to the people and “encircle the city from the countryside.” Needless to say, as the saying goes: style nyo bulok!

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