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Fake cops nabbed at checkpoints

Paula Antolin



Despite the enhanced community quarantine in force in Metro Manila, a number of individuals have been apprehended at checkpoints passing themselves of as police officers.

A man wearing a Type B police uniform was arrested at a checkpoint while passing the Payatas Quarantine Controlled Point in Payatas Road in Quezon City on Tuesday morning.

The suspect, identified as Henry Ysulat, 29, a security personnel, from Barangay Bagong Silangan, was riding his motorcycle when he was apprehended by PCpt. Jacinto Pascual IV and PLt. Anthony Lacandile.

Upon questioning, the suspect failed to show any form of identification to justify his identity as a PNP member.

Recovered from him were a cal. 9mm pistol with three magazines loaded with 30 pieces of ammunition, several ID and a bulletproof vest.

He is facing charges of usurpation of authority and illegal possession of firearm.

Another fake cop was arrested by Batasan Police Station under the supervision of Lt. Col. Romulus Gadaoni.

The checkpoint at Batasan-San Mateo Road in Barangay Batasan Hills flagged down Joselito Luz, 54, a family driver, of Barangay West Crame, San Juan City.

Luz, who was wearing a police athletic shirt, introduced himself as a policeman. When asked for his police ID, he failed to show any.

He did not also carry a driver’s license. Instead, he presented a traffic violation receipt

Noticing that the suspect was uneasy, he was frisked and yielded a sachet of shabu, valued at P2,500.

He is now facing charges for violation of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, usurpation of authority and illegal possession of firearm.

The suspects are detained at Batasan Police Station pending the filing of charges.

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