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Bukidnon gov bans rice shipment  

Keith A. Calayag



Bukidnon Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri Jr. has banned the shipment of rice outside the province amid the dwindling supply of the staple.

In an executive order dated 27 March, Zubiri prohibited rice producers, traders and suppliers from selling outside of Bukidnon.

According to the executive order, the provincial government of Bukidnon will buy P100,000 bags of rice from traders at P1,850 per bag.

These will be distributed for free to residents of the province.

“The provincial government of Bukidnon desires to distribute 100,000 bags of rice to its constituents for free for the duration of the health emergency to prevent its people from suffering hunger,” he said. “The province has already purchased 40,000 bags of rice and in need of additional 60,000 bags of rice.”

The governor has tasked the provincial COVID-19 task force and law enforcement agencies to strictly enforce the provisions of the order which is now in affect.

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