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Response in unison

The simple act of staying behind doors to deny the virus of a human host is the best contribution possible.




“The government is here for you, don’t be afraid.” With those words President Rody Duterte gave a sense of encouragement to a nation under siege by an unseen enemy that has changed the way of life of most.

For more than a week, Filipinos, primarily Metro Manila residents, have been forced to be quarantined inside their homes which the light-hearted people said was even a blessing in disguise as it allowed them to reconnect with immediate members of their family.

In a late night address on Tuesday, Rody expressed the nation’s deepest gratitude to health workers who are bravely resisting the overwhelming force of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) that had cost the lives of five doctors and still many infected.

Rody called them “heroes” for risking their lives so that others may live and promised that their needed equipment are coming.

Other frontliners including uniformed personnel, government workers and those working in basic services, such as groceries, banks, food establishments, delivery services, volunteers and the businesses that had set aside their profit motive for the moment to help in the battle against the pandemic received thanks from the President.

Rody said the government is working to safeguard Filipinos’ health, safety and well-being in the face of the virus threat.

“We will address all the different issues brought about by this pandemic as well as ensure the protection of all of our people, especially those who are serving in the frontlines,” he said.

Supplies of food, water and other essentials will flow and be provided to every household, while financial assistance will be extended to those in the margins of society and vulnerable individuals.

The short appearance of the President at a time when the news was about the death of a prominent doctor who fell to the might of the virus and one man who committed suicide on the belief of being infected raised the spirit of Filipinos.

President Duterte issued a call for Filipinos to be steadfast as the government, responding in unison, will provide the leadership to defeat the global threat.

Congress bestowed him with additional authority to deal with the threat to resolve the problem of red tape interfering with the quick delivery of the needed supplies that will keep the frontliners fully equipped.

Filipinos play the biggest part in the battle against the virus by following whatever directive the government issues that is geared towards the effective conduct of the campaign to end the plague.

The simple act of staying behind doors to deny the virus of a human host is the best contribution possible for a population that wants to get back to life as everybody knows it.

None of the programs to end the crisis will succeed unless each of the 120 million Filipinos does their part.

The President has been given the means to employ the full might of government to end the spread of the pathogen.

Stand behind Rody who is calling for a united front against the serious threat on humanity.

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