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Pimentel couple denies rumors spread on social media

Hananeel Bordey



Koko Pimentel and wife, Kathryn Yu-Pimentel

Senator Koko Pimentel and wife Kathryna Yu-Pimentel denied rumors being spread on social media claiming that despite knowing he is positive of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), the lawmaker still accompanied his wife inside Makati Medical Center’s delivery room.

He also refuted the allegations that he called up Health Secretary Francisco Duque III when MMC denied to admit them in the hospital as Mrs. Pimentel is scheduled to give birth on Wednesday morning.

“I talked to Sec Duque this morning March 25, 2020, and he just asked me about my situation. By that time, I have already checked my wife Kath in the hospital since yesterday 6-7 p.m., March 24, 2020,” said the former Senate President.

“Hence Sec. Duque has and had nothing to do with our getting a room and any room at the hospital. The good secretary was informed of my situation apparently by my sister,” he added.

There was also an unofficial statement allegedly issued by the head of the MMC Obstetrics Department which stated that Pimentel accompanied his wife inside the delivery room for a non-stress test prior to the cesarean delivery that Mrs. Pimentel is set to undergo.

“The said senator already identified himself in the media claimed that he got to know the result last night while in MMC. The wife was referred to the ID (Infectious Diseases) right away. Be assured that the Delivery Room areas breached were disinfected adequately and the Health Care Workers were referred… and were all declared low risk,” the unofficial statement read.

The claims, however, were refuted by the Pimentel couple saying the lawmaker did not enter the delivery room.

“Senator Koko never entered the delivery room of Makati Medical. He went with me sa Makati Med yesterday to be admitted not knowing he was COVID-positive yet,” she said in a text message shared to reporters.

“Then RITM called him around 9 p.m. that he was positive. But he was just in the room. As soon as he found out he was positive, he left me already and told my OB about his situation,” she added.

She maintained that her husband was in self-quarantine for 10 days already and they only saw each other on Tuesday to accompany her while giving birth to their baby girl.

“(It) was scheduled today at 7 a.m. but was canceled. They required me to get a swab test first before I’m allowed to give birth. So he never entered the Delivery room. Even me, I didn’t enter the delivery room yet,” she added.

Mrs. Pimentel also expressed disappointment over the rumors that are spreading over social media explaining that the Senator did not enter the examination room where she took the non-stress test.

“I took the stress test for the baby inside the examination room… the examination room is beside their recovery room…. which was still far from the Delivery Room and Sen Koko didn’t join me in the examination room last night too,” she said.

The non-stress test happened around 8:30 in the evening on Tuesday.

“I no longer understand why Makati Med, given their prestige name, would insist on a story that is not even true. They can check the CCTV too,” she said.

Maintaining his wife’s statement, the lawmaker said “I left her in the hospital. I never went inside the delivery room. Since I was already inside then I had to leave. Hence, I had to walk out of the hospital. That’s walking out, not touring.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Pimentel issued a statement confirming that he had acquired the virus. He is the second senator who was infected with COVID-19.

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