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Nurses demand fair pay, others

Keith A. Calayag



The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) has called on the Department of Health (DoH) to ensure that members attending to COVID-19 patients are properly equipped, fed, paid and their transportation expenses covered by the agency.

On top of fair, just and decent renumeration, the PNA asked that registered nurses be given additional payment, incentives and hazard pay equal to the risks they are exposed to

The PNA further asked the DoH to ensure that nurses will be tested if they exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 and be given best care and renumeration during hospitalization if they tested positive for the virus.

“As much as we want to help, we in the PNA cannot allow our nurses who have sacrificed a lot in the past to risk their lives this time for nothing,” the group said in statement posted on its website.

The organization also demanded that “nurses who will be engaged in this call will be the priority in the government service when things will get back to normal.”

“PNA believes that now is the right time for the government and everyone to support and recognize the role of nurses as frontline health workers to show nurses how much they are valued not by empty words but by effective decisive action to give them the humane treatement to get their job done,” it said.

The letter bears the signature of PNA national president Rosie de Leon.

PNA is a member of internationl council of nurses. It is an organization established to promote the welfare of nurses and to prepare them to be globally competitive.

Earlier, DoH issued a call for volunteer doctors and nurses to support the fight against COVID-19 as government set up three referral hospitals for treating those who contracted the disease.

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