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“A recession would mean a contraction in the GDP that would spell a bigger problem for the nation.




The President had shown in the war on drugs and the Marawi City siege by Islamic State sympathizers that bold and firm actions are his political trademarks.

Both problems threatened the existence of the nation but were disposed of in the quickest fashion.

In the same way, the firm steps taken to resolve the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) contagion seek an early resolution to the problem since lives are at stake each day that it persists.

Isolating Luzon was necessary since after Metro Manila was placed under a community quarantine, residents instead rushed out of the city to their home provinces that further complicated efforts to contain the spread of the virus.

“The forceful imposition of a lockdown in Luzon was ordered by the President to put the coronavirus dead on its tracks,” presidential spokesman Sal Panelo said. “If we allow the untrammeled movement of our people, the greater and the faster the spread of the virus would be.”

The implementation of an enhanced community quarantine in the island of Luzon is effective until 12 April.

Albay Rep. Joey Salceda said the Luzon-wide quarantine spared the economy from a possible recession, a problem which other nations that had hesitated to take the extreme action are now faced with.

Salceda said the spread of the virus thrives through economic activity. By his estimate the economic losses from the month-long quarantine were far manageable compared to the impact of a mass transmission.

The Philippines can still grow faster than other countries in the world by a gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of at least three percent despite the enhanced community quarantine, based on his estimate.

Stopping economic activity in Luzon for a month would cost P1.157 trillion or 2.57 percent of the GDP in terms of economic losses.

A recession would mean a contraction in the GDP that would spell a bigger problem for the nation.

Most Filipinos, more importantly, are confident that the one-month isolation plan of the government will resolve the crisis and put the economy on a more solid footing by the time the blight is eradicated.

Rody is now asking Congress to give him more leeway in further addressing the difficult situation with the least impact on the economy, which he is expected to get.

Had the same trust on the President’s decisions been accorded by a lady senator, whose ambition precedes her, the persistent traffic problem would have been a thing of the past.

A great deal of Filipino politicians have been used to incompetence and indecisiveness that they are caught flat-flooted by the quick actions of Rody and try to counter by claiming that the steps are haphazard.

The problem is with the detractors, who have not been paying attention to the political will shown in the past three years.

It behooves them to get used to it.

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