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PGH asks more time to prepare for COVID-19 patients

Gabbie Parlade



UP-PGH (Flickr)

The University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) on Monday asked for more days to prepare being one of the referral designated hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

In a statement, the UP-PGH said that they — including the other referral hospitals — agreed that a part of the solution is to organize designated hospitals in order to rationalize the amount of resources.

The other referral hospitals assigned include the Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital and the Lung Center of the Philippines.

“All the hospitals in the group, both private and government, have committed financial, manpower, technical, and technological assistance to the Covid-19 Referral Centers,” it stated.

In line with this, PGH asked for a week to prepare for the load of patients that they will accommodate.

PGH director Dr. Gerardo Legaspi said that PGH will give 130 beds on the initial implementation which is subject to progressive changes following the assessment each day and highlighted that PGH will not be an exclusive hospital for COVID-19 patients only as the Cancer Insititute will remain open.

The emergency room and the management for regular patients will also be operational but a separate emergency room will be allocated for COVID-19 patients.

As of today, the Department of Health recorded a total of 462 cases in the country with 33 fatalities and 18 recoveries.

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