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DoE requires business continuity plans




TAGUIG CITY — The Department of Energy (DoE) has directed all power industry stakeholders to submit their business continuity plan (BCP), as part of the on-going efforts of the government to ensure electricity supply sufficiency amidst the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.

“The energy sector must consider all possible scenarios that the enhanced quarantine may bring about for our country in the coming weeks. We must be fully prepared with all necessary measures and action plans to deliver sufficient power and oil supply, which we need to survive this crisis,” said DoE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi.

All power stakeholders will have to indicate their companies’ strategies and programs to the Electric Power Industry Management Bureau to ensure uninterrupted operation of their existing power plant facilities, as well as their immediate plans to facilitate the smooth development and implementation of on-going power projects indicated in their BCPs,” added Cusi.

A memorandum which provides the guidelines for the unimpeded delivery of energy services has already been issued by the DOE and disseminated to all energy stakeholders since 14 March 2020.

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