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No gym? No problem with home workouts!

Louise Lizan



There are a lot of exercises that you can easily apply at home without having to use gym equipment,” says OufFit coach Jayr Felix (center) who is shown here with fellow coaches and co-founder Yds Establecida (left) and Pao Tomas (right).

Save for healthcare facilities and supermarkets, most establishments are closed to prevent the coronavirus disease from spreading. Everyone is obliged to stay put inside their homes and adjust their daily routines for one month as per the imposed community quarantine, some of which are active people who usually go out to do recreational activities or exercise at local gyms to stay in shape.

However, the lockdown (besides those who are working from home) doesn’t necessarily mean letting go of one’s healthy lifestyle practices. Actually, now is the perfect time to utilize free spaces in your homes, boost our immune system and improve our overall health by exercising.

According to fitness coach Jayr Felix, “Being on quarantine doesn’t mean you’ll be shifting from your usual active lifestyle to a sedentary one just because mobility is a challenge. There are a lot of exercises that you can easily apply at home without having to use gym equipment. For example, can actually do 15 exercises with a regular chair or sturdy piece of furniture.”

Felix is a co-founder of Outdoor Fitness Philippines (OutFit), a fitness consultancy firm that organizes wellness programs for corporate warriors.

He added, “In OutFit, we help people who work in offices or those who find it a challenge to get into a wellness program. Time is the number one thing that hinders people to start their fitness journey. Through our certified coaches and nutrition specialists, we bring our service to their offices or we take them to guided outdoor activities like camping or joining sports races. Our aim is to inspire people to become healthier so they can achieve not just their work goals but their personal goals as well.

Coach Jayr says warming up comes first before any workout session since it can help with the mobilization of joints and muscles, and to avoid possible injuries. Focus on doing relaxed breathing while moving. Each workout session can easily last for 20 to 30 minutes. Do these full-body basic workout every other day — or daily if you can! — to form into a habit. Start with 3 sets of 15 repetitions and if you feel that you can, increase the up to 20 times per set. You increase doing your sustained arm or elbow planks from 30 seconds to a minute.

Here, OutFit co-founder Yds Establecida shows us how to do this basic exercise routine:

1. Jumping jacks is a basic cardiovascular exercise and targets the whole body. Jump in place with the legs stretched and hands touching overhead and returning to the starting position for 20 to 30 seconds.

Exercise 1. Jumping jacks.
PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID JOHN CUBANGBANG for the daily [email protected]_dvd

2. Arm or elbow planks activates the core. It is an effective, bodyweight exercise without requiring too much equipment. In doing this exercise, always feel the warmth or pressure of the muscle in the stomach. With either arm or elbow planks, hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds.

Exercise 2. Arm or elbow planks.

3. Pushups or knee push ups with shoulder taps. Start in a plank or kneeling plank position with hands on ground and aligned with shoulders. Lower chest to floor and keep abs tight. As one pushes up, tap the left shoulder with your right hand. Put both hands on ground to do another plank position. Then push your body to the ground again. As one pushes up this time, tap your right shoulder with your left hand.

Exercise 3. Pushups or knee push ups with shoulder taps.

4. Half squats focus on the legs. You can either use a chair or any flat surfaces for this exercise. Squat at the level of the chair but not fully sitting and can go up to three to five sets (each set consists of 15 to 20 times) per workout session.

Exercise 4. Half squats.

5. Single leg step-ups require a chair or any box surfaces you can step upon. Put it against any wall for balance, step one foot on the surface and drive the knee over the foot and stand. Alternate your foot for every set.

Exercise 5. Single leg step-ups.

6. High knees are a great alternative to jogging. It is running in place with exaggerated knee lifts. Each set can be for 20 seconds. It increases one’s heart rate. At a moderate to intense fitness level, doing high knees can generally burn 100 calories every ten minutes.

Exercise 6. High knees.

Coach Jayr also advised creating an end goal for one’s fitness journey before jumping into intense workout sessions. “From there, if you start feeling and realizing exercising as a need, then you’re going to do your workouts whatever happens and without anymore excuses. Once working out becomes a necessity in your life, then you’ll always take it upon yourself to do it,” he said.