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How to stay productive at home

Now’s the time to finally try all those things you’ve been putting aside.

Katarina Lopez



STEP back from your screen and meditate. / Photographs courtesy of

COVID-19 has forced us to stay put, yet keep a distance from each other. The situation is as novel as the coronavirus that has been wreaking havoc on a global scale.

Yet we have no choice but follow the new regulations if we want to stay safe while the authorities are working to address the pandemic.

So as we transition into the month-long “enhanced community quarantine” in Luzon, here’s a list of things to help you stay healthy and productive at home.

Continue to set your alarm
Okay, fine, admittedly it’s tempting to just sleep in since you don’t have anywhere else to go for the next few weeks. But keeping up with this habit will not only help you stay productive, it will also help you transition back into school or work when the quarantine period is over.

Stick to a schedule
The best way to get yourself into a routine is through constant practice. Even if you’re at home, stick to a schedule. Write a to-do list and plot out the time you need to finish each task. This way, you’re forced to be productive.

KEEP busy and still have fun at home.

Integrate a new hobby into your routine
Now’s the time to finally try all those things you’ve been putting aside. Learn to cook a fun recipe, read from the growing pile of books you have, do a home workout. Keep busy by mixing things up and learning a new skill or two.

The rise of the Covid-19 situation in the Philippines can be anxiety-inducing, what with all the information, credible and fake news alike flooding our newsfeeds. Give yourself some headspace by stepping back from your screen and taking the time to meditate.

Stay healthy, stay at home
After being cooped up at home for a couple of days, it’s tempting to go outside. But, please, unless you absolutely need to, stay home! You don’t only put yourself at risk of catching the virus but you put everyone around you at risk, too. The responsible thing to do right now is to practice good hygiene (wash your hands!) and be socially responsible.