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What would Mulan do?

Louise Lizan



VOICE of the new generation sings childhood classic 'Reflection.' PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF WALT DISNEY STUDIOS

After singer-songwriter Moira de la Torre was chosen to do the local rendition of childhood classic song “Reflection” for the upcoming live-action remake of Mulan, mixed reactions from netizens came flooding social media sites. Most asked why Lea Salonga, who sang the original, wasn’t tapped to sing it.

A post by Walt Disney Studios on Wednesday explained that Moira is a “true warrior of her own right” and a “true voice of her generation,” too.

Lea trended alongside Moira after the announcement because of the ongoing discourse of who sings it best. In an interview with ABS-CBN, Moira said her style is different from the original versions, of course.

“I personally want THE Lea Salonga to sing ‘Reflection’ for the live-action Mulan but I don’t wanna contribute to the hate towards Moira. She has her own unique style and her version’s not even out yet so calm down,” one Twitter user posted.

Another user said, “Moira’s chosen to sing #MulanPH’s release of ‘Reflection.’ Why can’t all we be happy that she was chosen? Isn’t that a good stroke of luck already for her and her genre? I love Lea Salonga, though. She’s a legend.”

Then again, some are wishing that the original singer would sing the iconic song instead.

A netizen tweeted, “Can’t even understand why!!? Don’t get me wrong… But as far as I know the legend is here living in the Philippines… Bakit kailangan pang kumuha ng iba (Why would you pick another one) for the record… I love Moira… But I think Lea Salonga is more suitable to sing that song…”

Fans have yet to hear Moira’s rendition. However, the original singer already gave her stamp of approval through a comment, “Yehey, Moira!!!” on MJ Felipe’s post regarding Disney’s announcement.

In a statement, Lea was supportive of Disney’s choice. “I’m very happy and thrilled that Moira, the voice of this new generation of artists, has been handpicked to perform the song ‘Reflection’ for the Philippine market.”

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