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‘Throuple,’ anyone?




Is it a case of the more, the merrier? Throuple is a fairly new word but it has raised curiosity over the nature of the relationship among parties involved. illustration by glenzkie tolo for the daily tribune

Halloo, my dearies! It’s Thursday again. Our most favorite day to chit-chat is here. Your missus has been thinking of indulging in something more than she can chew on. It is something so rich, it begs to be savored and shared.

It is truly very much like our favorite delicacy, truffle — that bit of fungus that could turn any dish into something spectacular!

There was this one time your missus decided to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in some mall in BGC. Of course, what does one have when on a movie date? Popcorn. But that one time was a delight for she was pleasantly surprised to be munching on truffle-infused popcorn instead of the usual salt-sprinkled nibbles. It was such a heavenly treat, and costly, but never mind. It was worth the penny for it compensated for the otherwise forgettable flick she caught on the big screen.

But our Thursday chit-chat is not really about truffles and popcorn, my dearies. It has got something to do with its homonym which, we dare say, is equally indulgent if we were to apply it to the currently accepted social and moral norms.

Throuple, a confounding word for it literally and figuratively confounds the tongue the way it slides out of the mouth and the mind of such ambiguity in nature and meaning, is our chosen main in this cheese course, dearies.

Your missus would like to bet that you’ve heard of this word but rarely have you even discussed it with friends and families.

Why? The thought of you broaching it with anyone might incite dear Sister Amelia or Father Vittorio to do the sign of the cross and command you to recite three batches of the five mysteries of the Holy Rosary. Surely, the Catholic school girl in you would prevail over your curiosity on what this “throuple” means.

If you’re brave of heart and way past your tight upbringing, then you can continue reading.

Throuple, from what your missus has been reading, is defined as having a three-way intimate relationship.

From the bunch of interviews in American TV shows, your missus has gathered that it is polyamory and open marriage or relationship in a broader sense but it is more exclusive and observes mutual respect among all three parties involved.

It is obviously derived from the words “three” and “couple.” Regardless of gender, all three parties are intimately involved with each other; meaning, there are three sets of relationships being nurtured in a throuple set-up.

Throuple, a confounding word for it literally and figuratively confounds the tongue the way it slides out of the mouth and the mind of such ambiguity in nature and meaning, is our chosen main in this cheese course, dearies.

It is understandable if this raises the eyebrows of many with conservative upbringing. Many religions or social constructs preach monogamy; to veer away from such belief is to be deviant.
But this column is not for preaching nor for the holier-than-thou.

Your missus would just like to talk about it in such a way that it will be left for the reader to decide if it is his/her cup of tea or not. After all, we each have our travails, and being preoccupied with other people’s business is draining and counterproductive. Let’s learn to look at the world half-empty and/or half-full.

Here are stories of rumored “throuple” or “open” relationships in Tinseltown and genteel society.



Throuple One was a born out of convenience. They’re part of the strata with coffers that beg to be spent. And since they’re gifted with a life of privilege, they indulge in extra-curricular activities that only a few can indulge in — jet-set the world over.

This coupling allegedly started with their common love for traveling. Two are fast friends, while the third person is a partner of one of the two. One of the parties is said to be socially “dense” and it never occurred to her that sharing the bed with another individual other than her partner posed dangers.

And so they shared beds whenever they flew to the latest destination that caught their eyes. Never mind the unique set-up, it apparently worked for them for a long, long time.


The second coupling is not so lucky in a sense that what started as a consensual, mutually understood open relationship ended on a sour note.

The first party had agreed with the partner who wanted for them to be dating/seeing other people. It is said that the first party was deeply in love with the second party and so to keep the beloved in the relationship, it was agreed for them to be liberal about it.

They then went on trysts with other parties, until it went too real for the second party — this party fell in love with another.

One of those privy to the couple’s relationship had said they could have resolved it early on in their relationship so as not to inflict pain for both. In the end, the couple decided to part ways.



The third couple started out as “you and me against the world.”

Rich man, poor girl met and presumably fell in love because Man defied all odds and even risked his inheritance just to stay with Girl who could never be accepted in his world.

They stayed together for years, with Girl occasionally hogging headlines for her naughty ways of annoying certain people in Man’s world.

Although they could never be together in the eyes of the Lord, they were almost inspirational in a sense, until one day all hell broke loose.

Rumors of Girl having Another in her life spread, with incriminating photos, to boot.

Of course, everything was denied — but in the corners of cafes and upscale boutiques came whispers that Man and Girl live under one roof, yet actually have separate love lives — she with Another, and he with his own Other.

It is rumored that this is an amicable arrangement, one that their progeny is said to soundly disapprove of, which is reason why she took herself off the premises and chose to live somewhere far, far away.

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