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Stricter driver’s license issuance afoot




In light of a recent deadly accident involving a driver who later tested positive for drug use, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) announced Saturday it will be stricter in issuing driver’s licenses to ensure the eligibility of the holder.

In a television interview, LTO Licensing Section chief Richard Cortez said they plan to add more teeth to existing requirements for driver’s license issuance and renewal.
“This is not meant to add more inconvenience to the public. We have studied this very carefully and we assure you it will not be difficult to the ordinary citizens who obey the law,” he said in the vernacular.

According to Cortez, LTO prefers to revive the mandatory drug testing for applicants—a requirement scrapped in 2013 — as proposed by some lawmakers.

Recently, jeepney driver Crisalde Tamparong, who tested positive for drug use, plowed through a group of students who were crossing a pedestrian lane in Makati City, killing Grade 8 student Jules Villapando.

In September last year, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the Department of Transportation to improve driver’s licensing requirements.

“we have so many ways of knowing if they are positive for drug use although they are quite expenseive,” Cortez pointed out.

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