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IOC remains positive

Agence France-Presse



LOS ANGELES (AFP) — Olympic chiefs will not consider canceling or postponing this summer’s Tokyo Games over the coronavirus (COVID-19) unless the World Health Organization (WHO) or other regulatory body advises to do so, a senior International Olympic Committee (IOC) official said.

IOC member Dick Pound told AFP that there had been no discussion about a possible cancellation of the games over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Pound said the IOC would only seek to rearrange the Tokyo Games if given specific advice to do so by international authorities.

“The IOC and the Tokyo organizers would not cancel or postpone or do anything else regarding the games absent some very serious and specific admonitions or regulations stemming from the WHO or the appropriate regulatory authorities,” Pound told AFP.

So far, Pound said, the IOC had not discussed the possibility of axing the games.

“The IOC is equally committed to going ahead with the project that has been planned for the past six and a half years,” he said.

“Unless there is a world situation that is so serious that the games cannot be held or that the regulatory authorities prohibit travel or that sort of thing, we’re carrying on.”

“But it would be irresponsible to carry on without having at least in the back of your mind that something might happen.”