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100 biographies that will inspire every filipino



Noel de Guzman, multi-awarded art director and illustator. photograph courtesy of artmazing!

Get to know the inventor of the video phone, the visionary builder of Makati, the inventor of banana ketchup, the grand old man of Philippine art, the physician who discovered erythromycin, the peanut vendor turned visionary tycoon, the original international diva, the father of the Philippine army, the pioneer in Philippine fashion design, the overseas worker who sailed the Pacific Ocean, the initiator of the longest revolt in Philippine history, the heiress turned environmentalist, the father of Philippine retail, the dean of Filipino architects and many more!

Artmazing! launches a new book, called 100 Filipinos: A Collection of Biographies of Remarkable Men and Women of the Philippines. It features 100 inspiring biographies, accompanied by 100 beautiful illustrations. These 100 Filipinos lived through challenges, conquered their competition, excelled in their respective fields and inspired a nation.

It is written by Noel de Guzman, a multi-awarded art director and illustrator based in Hong Kong. He is the founder and creative director of Artmazing! a Hong Kong-based publishing and design firm. He is also an accomplished painter having done 10 solo art exhibitions and completed commissioned works around Southeast Asia. He is an active member of the Filipino community in Hong Kong and have organized more than a hundred socio-civic events such as blood donation drives, clean up drives, livelihood projects, etc.

The 212-page full-color book will be available starting on 15 July in major bookstores nationwide. It can also be purchased online starting from 15 May.