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Pinoy aces test Tsitsipas




STEFANOS Tsitsipas and Greece clash with the Philippines in the World Group II Davis Cup. KARIM SAHIB/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE

The Philippines will get to experience world-class tennis as it clashes with World No. 6 Stefanos Tsitsipas and a heavily-favored Greek side in the World Group II Davis Cup tie from 6 to 7 March at the Philippine Columbian Association’s Plaza Dilao clay court in Paco, Manila.

The Filipinos drew Tsitsipas and the Greeks after Davis Cup organizers introduced a new format that paved the way for the former to play a non-Asian side for the first time since they faced the Swedes in the World Cup qualifier in 1991.

“We’re looking forward to a really tough duel but we’ll try to use the experience to toughen up the team,” said Philippine non-playing captain Chris Cuarto.

Apart from the Casey Alcantara-Jesson Patrombon duo, Filipino-American Ruben Gonzales, AJ Lim and Eric Olivarez, Jr. will also represent the home team.

Greece, for its part, will have Tsitsipas’ younger sibling Petros, Michail Pervolarakis and Markos Kalovenolis as other members of the squad with Dimitris Chatzinikolaou as skipper.

But it will be the supremely talented Tsitsipas who is expected to give the Filipinos the biggest problem.

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