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Leila pushes her luck

“Rody’s top officials merely shrugged off De Lima’s recommendations of government officials who should be banned from entering the US.




In another obvious stunt to prevent herself from sinking into irrelevance, detained Sen. Leila de Lima came up with her own list of officials supposedly involved in her incarceration for submission to American legislators.

The US Senate had passed a resolution barring from entry into the United States those responsible for the drug trafficking charges that had kept her behind bars for the past four years, calling them her persecutors.

Her effort was obviously meant to encourage the foreign meddlers who support her to keep up the pressure, not only on President Duterte, but the entire judiciary, for them to submit to the demand that the legal process be disregarded and allow her unconditional release, which will never happen.

De Lima’s travails were the result of her benefiting from the astonishing narcotics factory inside the maximum security New Bilibid Prison that thrived in the past regime when she was the Department of Justice (DoJ) Secretary.

Government persecutors said in late 2012 that De Lima and former Bureau of Corrections officer-in-charge Rafael Ragos allegedly extorted money from high-profile inmates.

The proceeds from the nefarious trade were suspected to have been used for De Lima’s senatorial campaign in 2016.

Cases were filed and the court proceedings are ongoing, but the foreign agitators in league with De Lima are insisting that the charges were trumped up and that she’s a political prisoner.

The chief detractor of Rody is understandably frustrated since the persecution yarn, while subscribed to hook, line and sinker abroad through a well-funded vilification campaign, has never been given credence by Filipinos.

Rody’s top officials merely shrugged off De Lima’s recommendations of government officials who should be banned from entering the US, and for which the current DoJ chief said the US State Department should exercise prudence and circumspection while conducting its own independent evaluation.

De Lima did not reveal the names on her list, but it obviously included Rody.

Guevarra said De Lima had even contradicted her claims of persecution as she has not herself even tried to post bail for the drug charges filed against her.

The three drug trafficking charges also belied her claim that she is a prisoner of conscience.

De Lima believes that she is approaching a point of no return with the solid charges pressed against her and the deliverer that she has been banking on for a power grab had miserably failed.

Thus, with an ouster movement by the discredited yellow mob having zero chance of succeeding, De Lima’s best bet is a military takeover instigated by her foreign sympathizers.

Since she claims that the charges against her are made up, her most logical move is to follow the legal process and make her defense credible.

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