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Esports education

“There is a need to move our educational system towards automation and acceptance of Esports if we want to be globally competitive.

Paolo Capino



One of the most exciting developments in digital education in the Philippines was the announcement of Tryke Gutierrez on his Facebook account about the development of a curriculum on Esports. Gutierrez is the chief executive officer of Tier One Entertainment, one of the leading Esports gaming and talent agencies in the Philippines.

In his post, he showed the cover page of the Esports Curriculum Development paper which will be presented to the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) in March. The paper also showed that Lyceum of the Philippines is a partner of his company in the effort to include Esports as a formal course. “If this goes well, we might have a full course available by 2020,” he said.

Although he did not disclose the content for obvious reasons as it will need deliberations and revisions, it is good to know that a visionary like Gutierrez is pushing boundaries. “I hope this works out as this will not only develop gamers but push our position in the competitive industry of esports.” It won’t be long that esports tournaments will be included in the Olympics and it will also present other opportunities for the youth to have alternative careers. It will also boost our pride as a country as future esports champions.

The evolution of education will also continue as another company is creating a platform that will revolutionize learning and provide security. Red Circle Global has introduced an automation system that will deliver solutions to problems like 3-D printing and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tagging.

“All guardians will have an online account where they can monitor the whereabouts of students. We are living in unpredictable times and empowering parents to know the safety of their children will give peace of mind,” Edward Roldan, RCG founder, said.

The company also offers online collaboration among teachers, families, and students so they can have an online repository of study materials and syllabus. “Our mission is to uplift the school education system through automation. If we can automate most of the private and public schools in the Philippines, they can save more resources for infra improvement,” Roldan added.

I look forward to these developments as there is a need to move our educational system towards automation and acceptance of Esports. We cannot let these opportunities pass us by if we want to be globally competitive in the next 10-20 years.

I hope though that these new technologies and systems can be applied to our public schools, too. “We will not move forward as a country if only private school students can afford what is already available.” Education is a right and everyone should have access to all improvements and innovations.

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