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Makati police firm on rescuing trafficked women

Michelle R. Guillang



The Makati City police is committed to rescuing all victims of prostitution in the city, its chief of police assured.

Col. Rogelio Simon said Friday that the city police are continuously conducting operations to shut down all establishments engaged in prostitution and other kinds of human trafficking.

“The directive of Mayor Abby Binay is to get rid of all these kinds of operations to maintain the integrity of Makati City being the center of business here in the Philippines,” Simon said.

He admitted it is very challenging to achieve the order, since Makati is one of the cities where countless Chinese nationals employed in the Philippine offshore gaming operator (POGO) industries may be found.

A series of operations against human trafficking led to the information that Chinese nationals employed in POGO industries are primarily the patrons of prostitution dens.

“Of all the 11 establishments we raided, majority of them are catering to POGO employees, and mostly rescued were Chinese female nationals,” the Makati police chief told.

“We have to maintain being one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia. In 2019, we were announced to be the fourth. That is why we are really persistent in curbing prostitution dens and, at the same time, we can rescue those involved in human trafficking, who are sometimes foreign nationals,” he added.

Simon said the rescued women are turned over to Makati Social Welfare Department, while others are taken to the Bureau of Immigration for proper disposition.

“Some of them were found to have expired visas,” he said.

All Makati City business establishments will be investigated because some of them serve as front for syndicates engaged in prostitution. Some of them are spas, hotels, ihaw-ihaw joints, cafes and computer shops.

“Since the raid on MAXX Hotel last October, we have rescued about 35 Chinese nationals, and arrested 22 patrons who are POGO workers. After that, our office has received numerous tips about prostitution dens in the city,” Simon explained.

Once the tip is confirmed, the lawmen immediately conduct operations and issue a closure order.

The police chief guaranteed that Makati cops are unceasingly executing operations against all crimes and illegal activities in the city to maintain peace and order.

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