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Linda’s ‘Studio 54’ birthday bash



Glitz and glamour! That much, I can say of La Linda’s “Studio 54” Birthday Party at the Marriott Hotel Ballroom. I am, of course, referring to Linda Ley who celebrated her recent birthday anniversary in style and made sure we would all conform to the theme. Indeed, we arrived in most appropriate outfits as the pictures on this page will show.

Without a doubt, I had a blast, which was a good way to start the year. What can I say? The venue had amazing décor. And the music, wow!!! I loved the great live bands and everything that the DJs played that night.

Most striking that night was the way we interpreted the fashion of those two decades, the 1970s and the 1980s. I could not help thinking aloud that everyone was best dressed, and rightfully so as they danced not just throughout the whole night, but until dawn.

How could I not declare it was the best New Year party? It had the right mix, with the good crowd and the delicious buffet leading my list of positives. In attendance were the celebrator’s family, classmates and friends. To amuse her guests, Linda invited the Club Mwah performers who came all dressed up and made up in their own versions of Diana Ross, Cher, Village People and all those dazzling stars of the disco era. They stood as though part of the set on the dance floor, inspiring the guests to have their pictures taken with them.

I need not tell you that I stayed until two in the morning, although my set of Cinderella friends had all gone home. So, there I was dancing with the millennials, friends of the children of Linda, who had taken over the dance floor. This time, I danced to their kind of music. I could not help being impressed by their movements although I was a little bit shocked and amazed as I saw a lot of jumping taking place here and there.

If you must know, I had body aches all over me the next day, coupled by a hangover. Still, despite all that, Linda’s has been so far the best party for me. I just hope there are more parties like the one she hosted.

Thanks for having us, dear Linda. Happy Diamond birthday and cheers to you in the year 2020.

And, oh, I must tell you that I partied proudly wearing my 70s outfit conceptualized and created by Dobbie Aranda, a real dahhhlinggg, if I may borrow the term from someone equally dear and special.