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Lady prosecutor stops fleeing snatcher

Pat C. Santos



Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso confers with prosecutor Lani Ramos who stopped a fleeing Allan Mahayag (with yellow headscarf) by giving him a blow to the body. The suspect, who is a known snatcher, was being chased by police outside Manila City Hall. Photograph by Pat C. Santos for the Daily Tribune

A quick-witted female prosecutor outsmarted a snatcher who was being chased by policemen just outside Manila City Hall. With a punch in the face and two blows to the stomach, Lani Ramos, 51, managed to stop suspect Allan Mahayag.

Her feat caught the attention of Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso who praised her guts and presence of mind.

“The snatcher was nabbed by a fiscal. She punched him. She wasn’t afraid. It was not her job and yet, she showed courage and went beyond her profession. She is a good citizen,” Domagoso declared.

Mahayag is a known criminal in the area, having victimized helpless students and workers.

When presented to the mayor, he admitted it was his third time to be arrested for the same offense.

Ramos, who is presently assigned at the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 16, was walking outside City Hall at around 4 p.m. on Thursday when she saw a commotion.

Due to his youth, Mahayag was able to flee from policemen and able to parry anyone who came his way.

The prosecutor, who boxes as a sport, waited till the suspect was near before giving him the blow, which sent him to ground.

In a related development, snatchers Romnick Drona and Ryan Caoili were arrested along P. Burgos Street in Ermita, Manila by members of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau who were aided by an East Binondo fire volunteer.

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