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Crotch crunch




Some of the most horrific sports injury happen on the soccer field. Players usually break a leg or dislocate a foot. Even if their legs are covered with socks, the sight is quite gory with part of the leg below the knee or the foot seen hanging from the separated joint or fracture point.

Surprisingly, soccer players who suffered such severe leg injury recovered several months later and even managed to play again and resume their playing career. Those who failed to recover had to say goodbye to their football career which was probably as painful as breaking a tibia or fibula during a match.

Players who injure other players also get sidelined when they are penalized with suspension for several games or for many months.

While a soccer player breaking his own leg can be called a freak accident, there are also rare cases of bizarre injury. Chelsea club’s Branislov Ivanovic was bitten on the arm by a former player of the Liverpool club, Luis Suarez, during a match in 2013. In the 2014 World Cup, Italian Giorgio Chiellini was bitten in the arm also by Suarez from the Uruguay team causing the latter to be suspended for nine months.

Italian midfielder Marco Materazzi was headbutted in the chest by France’s Zinedine Zidane in the 2016 World Cup Finals.

In November, after two teams in a French amateur soccer league, Terville and Soetrich, finished a match, a brawl erupted among players from the two sides in a carpark outside the football stadium. A Terville player tried to break up the fight but he was bitten by a Soetrich player.

It was not an ordinary bite as the Terville player’s penis was the target. The injured player had to be rushed to a hospital as the cut in his dick needed to be stitched.

The league recently concluded its investigation of the incident and suspended the biter for five years while the victim got a six-month suspension.

It seems that soccer players are also prone to bite injury. Surely, no one would like their cock chomped. So when they play on the field, it’s still proper to wish them good luck by telling them to break a leg.