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The Swiss have arrived and right on time




How Swiss it is to be fashionably on time. Start the new decade right by adopting new habits like always being on time, and live a more satisfying, productive life.

Best loved for its simple, clean aesthetics and functionality, Mondaine is a proud Swiss brand, that has been delivering handcrafted timepieces of the highest quality without sacrificing values.

Every Mondaine timepiece is expertly crafted by hand in their factory, by skilled artisans who love what they do. Rest assured, your Mondaine timepiece is delivered to you with much love and attention built into every millimeter.

The evolution of a classic design

Carrying the following features – stainless steel, sapphire crystal, quartz movement, pressed caseback, and water resistance 30/100/3, Mondaine continues to evolve from its rich history that dates back to 1944. This was when Swiss engineer, designer and employee of the Federal Swiss Railways Hans Hilfiker created a clock, which has become known as the “Official Swiss Railways Clock”.

From there, the Bernheim family drew inspiration for the classic watch design and in 1986, turned the blueprint of the iconic patented design of the Railways Clock into a watch collection, with official license from the Federal Swiss Railways.

Soon after, the Bernheim’s Mondaine watch brand continued to launch timepieces inspired by the classic style of the “Official Swiss Railways Clock”. From its first ladies’ watch in 1988, a desk watch in 1989, the introduction of night vision in 2005 through a self powered illumination system, and the STOP2GO feature function in 2013, among many other firsts has kept the brand exciting throughout its storied history.

In between introducing innovations and exciting firsts are industry accolades and recognition from the public for being one of Switzerland’s most iconic watch brands.

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