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Shots in the dark

“Panelo said such attempts or those whipped up by Sison and Trillanes are ‘wishful thinking and a pipe dream.’




That it came from the master of propaganda, the discredited Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) chairman Jose Maria Sison, the claimed military unrest as a result of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) termination is another sinister concoction meant to sow intrigue and confusion.

Sison who is safely nestled in his seclusion in The Netherlands would be the last person to know about a military plot against the government, if there was one, considering that his organization, the communist movement, is an avowed nemesis of the generals who he claimed to be plotting an overthrow.

A review of Sison’s statements will reveal that these are canards and mere speculations on the outcome of the President’s move.

He said, “just by giving the US a notice of terminating VFA, he has aroused quite a number of pro-US military officers to talk against him and curse him for prejudicing hundreds of projects under the VFA.” which is not even a unique analysis of the situation.

Coming from the leader of the communist movement whose sole motivation is to weaken the government, such as creating a scenario of unrest, the view he expressed was forthcoming.

Sison added that quite a number of the officials planning the ouster plot were “assets” of the US Defense Intelligence Agency and Central Intelligence Agency who remain “loyal to their pocketbooks rather than to the Filipino people.”

This has been the propaganda line of the communist movement since the Marcos era.

Destabilization plots, however, are the expertise of Sison as he had time and again plotted with the disciples of mob rule to oust Rody, but each time, strong public support for the President thwarted such attempts.

In 2018, Sison and the leaders of the yellow society formed an alliance which was bared by then Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) deputy chief of staff for operations on internal security operations Brig. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr., who is now the head of the Southern Luzon military command.

All the big names in the “Oust Duterte” movement converged into Tindig Pilipinas, which then teamed up with the CPP for the botched ouster plot dubbed “Aklasan” that would have been launched on 21 September 2018, but Rody’s unveiling of the plot scuttled it.

Among the conspirators were the left-wing Movement Against Tyranny and the rightist Magdalo Group of Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV.

The sinister movement planned massive protest rallies, which never gathered the mobilization that it envisioned.

Rody baring the existence of the merging of the yellows and the Reds in the plot to oust him preempted the plan.

During previous People Power revolts, the same combination of political forces relied heavily on stealth and speed to grab power.

Both People Power 1 and 2 that ousted two presidents largely relied on the massing up of people to lay siege on the center of political power.

Another attempt happened on 11 October of the same year under the code “Red October.” The day was the start of the filing of candidacy for the 2019 midterm elections.

The alliance wanted “Red October” to double as a pathetic campaign salvo of the yellow Liberal Party slate considering the poor chances of opposition candidates.

The group in the plot simply scampered like frightened rodents after the President announced that he was aware of it. Members of the yellow faction distanced themselves from the alliance.

In a one-on-one interview with presidential legal adviser Sal Panelo, the President said the government held the evidence on the plot.

“Sison, Magdalo and all those who do not like me ever since the election, they have combined. And we have the evidence, and we have the conversation provided by a foreign country sympathetic to us,” Rody said.

In the interview, he said the “Oust Duterte” offensive led by Sison targeted the support of the military.

Rody then dared AFP members to join the conspiracy through Trillanes’ Magdalo group.

“I urge you to go to Trillanes. Go to them and stage a mutiny or revolution of whatever,” he said.

Trillanes was then hiding at the Senate for fear of arrest after his amnesty for leading three mutiny attempts against former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo — the Oakwood mutiny in July 2003, the Marines stand-off in February 2006, and the Manila Peninsula incident in 2007 — was invalidated by Proclamation 572. The amnesty was granted by former President Noynoy Aquino in 2011.

Panelo said such attempts or those whipped up by Sison and Trillanes are “wishful thinking and a pipe dream” ranged against the record-setting public support on Rody.

Sison and Trillanes are turning out to be the best endorsers of Rody since their demagoguery only serves to further lift public support to the President.

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