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Moronic prattle

“Rody described Robredo as a “colossal blunder” and she continues to act out the role in giving her unsolicited advice.




Vice President Leni Robredo weighed in on the revised drugs watchlist that had the name of Lt. Col. Jovie Espenido, who President Rody Duterte had cited several times as a relentless warrior in the war on drugs, as she warned no cover up should happen.

She alerted the President that if police officers who are part of the watchlist of 357 members of the force are protected by those in power, it may lead to people starting to lose trust on the government.

“I hope the police would show that they would not let those who are abusive go unpunished,” Robredo said in her weekly radio program.

She said when there are cover-ups, “erosion of people’s trust starts.”

The loaded words of the fired anti-drugs czarina apparently included a subliminal suggestion for the public to consider the action of the PNP, which stated that those in the list are innocent unless proven guilty, as being ordered from above and that it was meant as a coverup.

Admitting she was not in the position to say whether or not the accusations against Espenido were true, she nonetheless offered suggestions that the Palace is trying to shield personalities favored by the President, who had shown that friendship has never been a factor in his efforts to clean up the government.

“For me, it’s important in this campaign that the institution be trustworthy,” she said. “If that institution was the one that did the cover-up, we have a big problem there.”

The failed head of the anti-narcotics drive just would not learn since she continues to talk off the top of her head.

“Wrong statement cause no basis. We will conduct adjudication (then) why would (she) say we’re protecting them? Had we intend to protect them, why did we bare the 357 (cops)?” Philippine National Police chief Gen. Archie Gamboa said.

Gamboa said he wanted the adjudication process completed before he retires in September.

The Vice President is oblivious to the sinister motive of the real cohorts of drug syndicates in the police force and their effort to bring down those who they consider as the cause of their misery.

She released a 40-page report that contains findings and recommendations on the government’s drug war that essentially did not contain anything useful to the campaign since mostly were reiterations of data that authorities already knew or mere propaganda ammunition of the yellow critics.

Robredo is apparently seeking to inject intrigue again in the anti-narcotics campaign in which she was given the chance to infuse changes but which she miserably fumbled after running to foreign groups and government to plot out her approach.

Rody immediately shut her down after 18 days in the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs since it was like giving away information on the critical program of government to its detractors.

Robredo should keep her mouth shut regarding the anti-illegal drugs campaign because of her “zero credibility and competence” as presidential spokesman Sal Panelo had assessed her capability.

Her latest statements only proved that Robredo’s primary concern is to demonize the war on drugs and Rody by extension in her desperate pursuit of political relevance.

Rody described Robredo as a “colossal blunder” and she continues to act out the role in giving her unsolicited advice.

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