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Gov’t awash with cash for infra

Francis Wakefield



What total waste is Electric motorcycles donated by the Chinese government to the Manila Police District are abandoned in a hidden part of the Manila headquarters in a total waste while many police offices complain of lack of means for mobility.PHOTOGRAPH BY BOB DUNGO JR. @tribunephl_bob

The country has enough resources to build major infrastructures and through prudent spending under competent managers, the state can complete projects that are beneficial to the people, President Rodrigo Duterte disclosed.

He said Department of Finance (DoF) Secretary Carlos Dominguez may not reveal the entire amount of funds available for government projects but these are more than what was available during previous administrations.

When it assumed power, the Duterte administration embarked on a four-stage plan called the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program starting with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion or TRAIN followed by the Corporate Income Tax and Incentives Rationalization,taxes enhancement law and four other packages.

The scheme was designed to primarily raise an estimated P1.5 trillion yearly for the massive infrastructure buildup needed for the economy to sustain a strong growth momentum.

Money to fill runway

“You know actually, this government has money. Secretary (Carlos) Dominguez just don’t want to say how much. But if you will say money, it’s as long as this runway, we have it. We have money.

The problem is the money is not used properly,” the President stated.

The President made the remark in a speech he delivered after he and other government officials inaugurated the multi-million Sangley Airport Development Project in Cavite.

The airport was built to help decongest the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is considered as country’s major aviation hub.

The President also relayed his firm stance against graft and corruption saying he won’t tolerate abuses especially in the bureaucracy.

“That has always been the problem of the Philippines and it has kept us down for so many years. That’s why in my own humble way, there were just a few things that I promised if you remember during the campaign one of which is that I said I’ll stop corruption,” Mr. Duterte said.

Not for political gain

The Chief Executive earlier reminded government officials that the “Build, Build, Build” infrastructure program should not be used for politicization and corrupt activities.

The infrastructure program was aimed to spur economic growth and solve the pestering traffic congestion especially in Metro Manila.

During a Cabinet meeting, Bases Conversion and Development Authority president and chief executive officer Vivencio Dizon updated the President on the status of the government’s 100 flagship infrastructure projects.

Dizon, who also serves as Presidential Adviser on Flagship Programs and Projects, noted that the construction activities on 34 of 100 key infrastructure projects are “ongoing.”

He also made certain that 44 big infrastructure projects will commence construction within “six to eight months” while 15 are in the “advanced stages of government approval” and the remaining are in the “advanced stages of feasibility studies.”

Dizon indicated that the next administration is fortunate as it will greatly benefit from the “Build, Build, Build” program adding that no administration can compare to the speed and audacity of what this administration is trying to achieve

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