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Barangay employment hotline pushed

Aldwin Quitasol



Help wanted With the market for manual labor still untapped by technology, Baguio City passed an ordinance to establish barangay hotlines to assist in the easier search for service providers such as laborers or carpenters. PHOTOGRAPH BY ALDWIN QUITASOL FOR THE DAILY TRIBUNE

BAGUIO CITY — A Barangay Employment Services Hotline and Internet (BESHI) system is being proposed in the city to aid its residents in looking for providers of labor and services.

City Councilor Lilia Fariñas stated that with the establishment of the BESHI, which was supported by an ordinance, people in need of service providers can just call their respective barangay hall’s hotline or go online to look for registered laborers available in their nearest locale.

Aside from the BESHI helping residents avail services of laborers without delay, Fariñas is hopeful that this system would also facilitate the employment of skilled laborers to reduce unemployment in the barangays.

Registered laborers may include carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians, housemaids or helpers, nurses, caregivers, masseurs or massage therapists, automotive mechanics, gardeners, baby-sitters.

Laborers who are interested to sign up their services will need to provide their names, addresses, contact numbers, certificates and licenses, as well as vital information to establish their competence and trustworthiness. Salaries and labor charges will also be declared in the registration forms but may be subject to negotiations with clients.

Upon registration, applicants will be charged an annual fee of P100 which will be used to defray text, call, or Internet expenses and barangay personnel services.

The ordinance also emphasizes that resident laborers should be given priority, however, if there are no laborers available, the barangay may contact the nearest barangays for available laborers in their areas provided laborers to be employed from other barangays are registered in their own barangays and that clients will be informed of this fact.

Upon rendering the service, both laborer and client will accomplish an evaluation form wherein the client will evaluate the laborer’s performance while the laborer will evaluate the client’s dealings with him or her.

“This will ensure that a laborer-client relationship is equitably maintained,” Fariñas said.

Upon the approval of the ordinance, the City Government of Baguio will appropriate an amount of P3.072 million to be used by the barangays to pay for their telephone and Internet subscription for one year. After the one-year subscription, the barangays will shoulder the expenses in the succeeding years.

“If, however, the barangay already has a telephone or Internet subscription, the amount may be allocated for their continued subscription in upgrading their Internet services,” Fariñas said.

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