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What a stretch

“Had AI been doing its homework, a little research would reveal that the person who admitted to be the narrator of the propaganda, Peter Joemel Advincula, alias ‘Bikoy,’ implicated Trillanes.




There is nothing that the detractors of President Rody Duterte can’t string together to bolster their claim of the President’s authoritarian regime as they connected the arrest order of former Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and 10 others to the troubled franchise bid of Lopez jewel ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.

The Quezon City Metropolitan Trial Court issued last Friday arrest warrants against Trillanes and his cohorts for conspiracy to commit sedition, which was filed by the Department of Justice (DoJ).

The DoJ complaint was the result of a series of demonization videos against Rody, the members of his family and his close associates that appeared on the Internet prior to the May 2020 national elections.

The clips rehashed the charges of Rody’s involvement in the drugs trade. The production was apparently meant to boost the poor chances of the Otso Diretso bets of the Liberal Party (LP), who bombed out of the senatorial race.

Amnesty International (AI) parroting the feed of the yellow conspirators said “the arrest orders are just the latest wave of state-backed attacks against critics of the Duterte administration and its deadly anti-drugs campaign.”

Also, it came “on the heels of government efforts to shut down ABS-CBN, one of the country’s largest TV networks.”

“Clearly, this administration will go to any length to stifle peaceful and legitimate criticism, including misusing the criminal justice system,” it argued, apparently without examining the circumstances of the subject it refers to.

“President Duterte must be reminded that the world is watching and, as his government’s abusive practices continue to be exposed, the day of reckoning is drawing near,” it warned Rody, who had dared foreign groups to come up with proof of their allegations.

AI indicated that recent actions including the Quezon City court order for Trillanes’ detention were all part of a systematic campaign to silence administration critics.

“On Monday, the government’s chief lawyer filed a petition seeking the closure of TV network ABS-CBN, accusing it of violating the law, such as by allowing foreign ownership. News website Rappler, its executive editor Maria Ressa, its directors and a former researcher are also facing a string of court cases,” according to the AI conspiracy theory.

Had AI been doing its homework, a little research would reveal that the person who admitted to be the narrator of the propaganda, Peter Joemel Advincula, alias “Bikoy,” implicated Trillanes and the others accused in the production of the videos.

Advincula surrendered to authorities and later on revealed that the recordings were released as part of the so-called “Project Sodoma,” which was allegedly hatched as an election booster for Otso Diretso.

“Bikoy” lamented Trillanes and the LP reneged on their promise to give him P500,000 in exchange for his participation in the sinister project, but they failed to deliver.

The reason for “Bikoy” being gypped was obvious: nobody believed the videos and it only contributed to the shutting out of the yellow senatorial candidates.

The travails of Ressa and ABS-CBN lumped with that of Trillanes make for a convenient excuse for AI to claim that an oppressive regime exists, but like the “Bikoy” videos, no Filipino would be ready to believe such a moronic connection.

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