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Love yourself




How can you love or give love if you do not have enough love for yourself? You deserve to reap the rewards of love as much as anyone else. So, let’s start with the basics.

It really is all about banking on yourself. Imagine a bank within you, a storehouse of all things positive and uplifting. Within its hallowed walls are lessons you have learned — little golden nuggets of truth that you have lived by, principles that have kept you strong, values you have upheld with dignity, discipline that has guided you within that straight and narrow path. Within this bank are the guidelines to wellness where one truly celebrates the joy of living.

Get started

Acknowledge that you are only limited by your own limitations set by you and nobody else. Know that you need to save a lot of self-respect and self-love in order to be able to give love to others. In short, you deserve more, and better. Once you have reprogrammed your mind, then the rest will follow.

Start with the basics Shut off all distractions from the outside world. Eat healthy and relax by listening to soothing music. PHOTOS FROM UNSPLASH.COM

To do

1. The daily practice of meditation for three to five minutes is recommended. If you have not learned the art of meditation then try being quiet. Keep still. Shut off all distractions from the outside world.

2. Choose or create your personal sanctuary whether this be at home or the office. A cozy, private spot is all you need.

3. Set a regular time when absolutely nobody can interrupt you.

4. Listen to relaxing music to soothe the spirit.

5. Do mindful breathing. Inhale five counts. Breathe in and breathe out in slow rhythmic pace for as long as you can. You can sit on a comfortable chair of your choice.

6. Embrace the definition of healthy by including rich colors of nature — green veggies, bright-colored fruits for starters. Follow the rule of five: eat five servings of vegetables and fruits every day.

7. Go balanced with your meals. Portions should be just enough.

8. Hydrate — Eight glasses of purified water may not be enough if you live an active life. Increase your intake to 10 full 8-oz. glasses of water daily.

9. Sleep — Six hours of sleep is not good enough to ensure perfect rest. Make eight hours of sleep your goal from now on. The best bedtime hour? Strictly speaking, it is 9 p.m. Busy career persons can try from 10 p.m.

10. Exercise — A non-negotiable must in any health regimen, like it or not, you need some form of regular activity whether this be brisk walking, spot jogging, biking, dancing or a sport like basketball. Any activity that calls for a steady rhythm of movement which has cardiovascular benefits is highly recommended. Start with 15 minutes and slowly work your way to 45 minutes. The easiest form of exercise is walking. Invest in a decent pair of walking shoes. Wear comfortable clothes. And if you are a morning person, choose the hours of 6 to 8 a.m. when the sunlight is not intense. Wear a sunblock.

Choose your emotions

Every single second, our minds and hearts are bombarded with a wide range of stimuli and feelings. Some may go through a roller-coaster ride of emotions — from happy to sad.

Remember that all emotions can and will affect you physically. It may be difficult at first, but try your best to stay within the happy zone. Happiness directly stimulates the immune system in a dramatic way. It strengthens and boosts the body’s immune-fighting capabilities.

So, if you wish to be well, choose happiness, not sadness.

Love and light!

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